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Macy’s Insite Login @ www.employeeconnection.net | My Insite

So if you ask us what is all about this Employee Connection it is nothing but a site which is gonna provide you information like Company News, Paycheck and much more.

There are lots of benefits you can also get using the Employee Connection like plans for your retirement plan and health benefits.

Macy’s Insite Registration – How to Get Started?

So if you want to log in to the Macy’s Insite then you need to register, for that follow the below-given steps

Macys Insite Login

  • First, get into the homepage of the site.
  • And then next click on the preferred login method.
  • After doing out that now since you are a new user you won’t have an id and password.
  • So click on the forgot password option and then fill in out the required details that you need to.
  • Now you’ll be getting a temporary password for logging in.
  • So use that to log in to the account and after that set the permanent new password.
  • If you have forgotten your password then the process is the same until you get a new password.

New Employees are often confused as there are two portals https://hr.macys.net/insite/common/logon.aspx and www.employeeconnection.net, Both of them lead to only one login, So no worries. HR Macys insite will be the final one.

Macys My Insite Employee Login

My insite by Employee Connect is actually a portal specifically designed out for the Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Colleagues so they can easily provide you with any kind of important information that you want about any kind of things like Benefit Programme, Paycheck, company news and many more.

Macys insite Employeeconnection login

The process of Logging into the Macys employee Insite is also a very much simpler process

  • First, get into the homepage of the Macy’s Insite.
  • And then select out the type of login method.
  • After choosing out that you’ll be taken to a new portal.
  • Over there enter your Employee id and password to login to your account.

And over there you can see two types of portal named as MyHR and Ask HR

MyHR is a place where you can manage all of your accounts and the dashboard of yours and ask HR is the platform for you to ask questions that you have with our Team.

And there are two login portals available one is for Colleague Sign in which means the login for the current employees and the other one is Former Colleague Sign in which means the login portal for the ones who was working with us before.

After entering over there you have to enter your 8 digit Employee ID and Network password to login to your account.

How to use Macy’s Myinsite?

In order to use the Macy’s portal first you need to login and after logging you can now access your account.

  • Over there you can view out your working hours and so that you can easily manage and know about your days of working.
  • Make the required changes to the medical and dental coverage of yours.
  • Check out on the updates on the company and read out the latest company news.
  • View out on your recent payments from the company and manage out them also take a note on the payments tab to check out on the dates of future payments.
  • Change out your tax and 401K information of yours.
  • Plus you can make out changes out to your account like personal details, addresses, new images.
  • And finally, you can also make the changes to the payment like changing your salary account and others.
  • Use out this portal to apply for medical leaves and personal leaves too.

Macy’s My Schedule Plus

So this one Macy’s My Schedule Plus is a separate application that’s been available out in the Macy’s Portal.

Over there you can do things of scheduling out your work, do things to make a plan like check out the working days of the week, manage out your payments, and if you want to apply and take leave you can easily do it out over here itself.

Plus along with the Macy’s Associates Bloomingdale’s associate can also make the use of this portal.

Macy’s My Schedule Plus Login

The process of Logging into the My Schedule Plus Login is the same method as like login for the Macy’s Insite. Once you logged in you can easily manage your plus account.

Plus also note that the same method of Macys Insite login applies out to the Macy’s Schedule and My Insite Schedule too.

About Macy’s Inc


So speaking about Macy’s Inc there are a lot of important things about them which everyone should know about them.

As far as now Macy’s is being available over 871 approximate stores at nearly 43 states all over the country with around 1,30,000 employees were working over there.

The company has been actually operating under the nameplate of the Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s at a location of 680 department stores all over the country.

And among them, 190 stores were a kind of speciality stores which includes Bloomingdale’s The Outlet, Bluemercury and Macy’s Backstage.

Macy’s has been one of the most know premiere brands over here since it is one of the nations premier retailers with fiscal sales worth around $24.971 billion occurred in the year 2018 only.

The headquarters of Macy’s has been located at the Cincinnati, Ohio, and New York.

We also have stores that were operating in the Dubai and Kuwait which were operating under the license of Al Tayer Group LLC.

Story of Macys My insite

The history of My insite has begun in the year of 1858 itself and yes the year we have mentioned over is an absolutely true fact.

When you get into the site of Employee Connect you’ll be likeable to see the Red Star icon at the top, actually, it was adopted by Rowland Hussey Macy because he has thought it as the symbol of success.

So during the first commercial year, it has actually started very much slow because the first day sales were like only around $11 and after that, the pace has been picked up and at the end of the year the sales were around $85000.

Actually, it was opened out as a dry goods stores at the New York region and after that, a separate budget for advertising was allotted and the funds were around like $2000 which is the main reason for the success now.

Employee Connection Benefits

Let’s take a short look at the Benefits of Employee Connection out here below

macysinsite benefits, employeeconnection

401(k) – Retirement

So this is actually a tool which allows you to view both of your Profits Sharing Plan 401 (K) plan as well as the cash account pension plan.

Through these benefits you can do lots of things like contributions in deduction, Moving money between Funds, loan initiation and plus enrollment in this plan.

Also, there is a customer service option available for this benefits plan you can easily contact through their customer care no.

Security for your social things

There is a feature called as Social Security Administration in our benefits and what it exactly provides you is that it will kind of allows you to apply for Retirement for Social Security and also for the benefits of Spousal Schemes so in order to get out all those services then you need to request for the statement of Social Security Scheme.

Plus you’ll also give a tool to estimate out your benefit accounts along with the services for people who have applied for the Social Security benefits Recently.

Read More on employee connection benefits


So if you want to out any kind of information regarding any kind of services then AARP will be the perfect option for us.
These are the information that you can get through this AARP Services such as

  • Medical and Insurances.
  • Discounts for eligible persons.
  • Membership renewals along with magazines.

Click on the below-given link to visit the official site of the AARP


Earning for learning

If you are looking out for an opportunity to have Macy’s Inc provide financial aid to education then there is nothing better than the earning for learning programme for sure. Because it gives you the right kind of option utilize the time where you can easily volunteer out the educational services in the way that you want.

If you wanted to enrol for the earning for learning programme then click on this link here


Matching Gifts

Gifts are something that everyone in this world loves for sure and that’s why we Employee Connection also gives out lots of lovely gifts to our valuable employees.

This programme is a perfect opportunity for you to give your favourite to the charities that you wanted through Macy’s Inc Donations.

ADP Cobra Login

So ADP is an actually a COBRA Administrator which does not actually include the limited medical coverage for the peoples. It is kind of something that has to see at least once in their lifetime and we Employee Connect are providing out the lifetime opportunity for the ones who want that opportunity.

You can access to it through https://www.employeeconnection.net/template/pagecount.asp?strLink=SHPS&strURL=https://benefits.adp.com/

Cash Account Pension Plan Basics

So before getting into this special plan, you need to know certain important things, for getting into the cash account pension plan

  • You have to be hired before Dec 2010 and also at the age of 21 years itself by Mary’s Inc, so this is not everyone’s thing.
  • Plus within the twelve months of getting employed into the company, you should have completed 1000 hours at least which is the minimum mark within that time.
  • You will be automatically enrolled in this programme if you have already qualified the eligibility requirements and there is no need for you to fill any kind of enrolment forms for this.

Speaking about the May department Stores Retirement plan also you need to pass certain eligibilities like

You should have become as the employee of any divisional companies that have associated with May department also this criterion has to be satisfied before July 1, 2008, itself too.

My Insite Employee Connection Forms

maycys insite resources

So this is how the forms are getting used out in the Employee Connect actually, you can easily change things like changing out your federal taxes that too by withholding status on your paycheck.

Also, we give out a link to the Form W4 which is going to be the one that helps you get the job done.

And make sure that will fill out the form you fill out the all required boxes correctly and don’t forget to fill out the date format and sign the form for delaying out the further verification.

Once doing out all the steps correctly now present out the form to the human representative management person so the withholding allowance shall be changed.

Also, note that if you want a full exemption of the federal tax then you have to like file a new form like every year in order for theta exemption.

And if you have no forms filled out then you will be like withheld since you are claiming that no withholding allowances you are having.


There are lots of resources being available in the employee connection and let’s take a short look at the types and varieties of resources being available for you.

So let’s first take a look at the related resources types that are being available with us namely

  • Bill Payment.
  • Special Discounts.

And among let’s see about the most utilized resources

Paycheck City

So this is a kind of different one from all of the resources that we are having being founded out in the year of 1999 itself its been a journey of 20 years for them with having 9 calculators and by using the 13 million calculation have been done till now.

Blooming Dale’s Bill Payment

So this is a kind of credit card bill payment services, first, you need to create your own account and then you can set up your onetime payment so that your monthly payments can be easily managed out. When opening a new Blooming Dale’s Bill Payment you can take out 20% off on Blooming Dales’s purchases today and tomorrow along with savings amount up to 250$.

Social Security

As like the name suggests this is also a platform for the social and security-related things, there is an option like

My social Security – Through this you can manage all those things in a go like social statements, changing out your info and managing your benefits.

Social Security Number – Among all other numbers, it is going to be your first number and also a continuous link which is having social security.

Retirement Estimator – Everyone needs to get retired at some stage of time and this calculator is a special tool which helps you to calculate all the benefits you are having in the social security platform.

Treasury Direct

So treasury direct is an investment scheme which anyone can be easily get involved in it in a few easy ways.

You easily open account with treasury direct and after that you can manage and buy securities manage your savings online like anytime and anywhere even from your own browser.

Before opening the account you should know out what savings bond and how to handle it out in any kind of situations.

After opening an account then you should directly ask an employer to set up payroll direct deposit.

And after that, its time for you now to buy any kind of electronic securities from treasury direct.

Plus there is an easy option to sell out the securities that you hold through an open auction which will also help you in getting a certain amount of money.


This is actually an investment application platform which has been designed and developed directly by the Bureau of Public Department which can be used by people who have high authority in the Government series Securities mostly like Federal Agencies who have those.

More Employee connection Resources

Macys My In-site Employeeconnection

Official Website Linkhttps://hr.macys.net/insite/common/logon.aspx
ProvidesEmployee Login Portal
Google Playstore LinkMacys Insite Android App
Apple Store LinkMacys Insite iOS app

So this is portal for the Macy’s HR technologies and there are like actually two portals available over here namely

My HR which is your self-service destination through which you can manage all your profile and other kinds of stuff that you need to do and another one is ASK HR which is your portal for connecting with the HR team where you can clarify the things that you want to.

Employeeconnection Customer Care

The customer care service is being offered out by the Macy’s Insite to all of its employees for any kind of queries to assist them in like for Paychecks, employee working hours, personal information at one place.

Also, you can use these services if you have any issues with login too

Customer Care No: 1-800-289-6229.

Customer Care No for international Users: + 1 (513) 573.7912

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