YS Bank scam: CBI raids: Expedition to 7 locations | Yes Bank scandal: CBI conducts searches in 7 places

CBI officials are conducting a raid on the house of Rana Kapoor and his relatives over the alleged bank fraud.

Yes Bank has paid Rs. Rs. Some companies are in bankruptcy. Thus, the warlock debt of Yes Bank has risen drastically.

The Reserve Bank has taken over the management of Yes Bank’s banking, which has been in huge financial crisis as weekly loan debt increases.

However, Rana Kapoor, officer of Mahal camuttira enforcement, first raided on Friday night to investigate the illegal panapparimarrac law. .

In exchange, the companies paid into Rana Kapoor’s wife’s bank account, and enforcement agencies suspect that Rana Kapoor’s wife Bindu, daughter Rakhi Kapoor Danton, Roshani Kapoor and Radha Kapoor were also involved in illegal transactions.

600,000 crore has been reported from DHFL in particular. He was later arrested.

In the meantime Yes bank fraud CBI officials are conducting a raid today at the home of Rana Kapoor and her relatives. Total trials in Mumbai are being conducted simultaneously at all locations. Campaigns are being launched to seize the evidence and their assets.

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