Yes, the bank has invested Tk 1,000 crore in seven banks including SBI

Yes Bank will recover from bankruptcy due to financial crisis SBI Seven banks, including banks, have invested Rs

Seven big banks, including the State Bank of India, are currently investing in Yes Bank because it requires a minimum of Rs. 49% of Yes Bank’s stake is already in the report SBI Said buy

Accordingly, it has invested Tk 6,050 crore. Besides, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank have invested Tk 1,000 crore. Axis Bank has invested Tk 600 crore and Kodak Mahindra Bank Tk 5 crore. Bandan Bank and Federal Bank have both invested Rs 300 crore. In addition, IDFC First Bank has invested Tk 25 billion.

1000 crore YES banks will be sold to these banks for investment

18,564 crore as loss

Yes Bank’s third-quarter financials revealed high expectations. For the quarter from October to December of the current financial year Yes, the bank 18,564 crore. This is the biggest loss of all time. For the same period last year, the bank posted a net worth of Rs 1,001 crore.

600 crore in the second quarter ended September 1, 2015. The weekly rate of the bank has also increased sharply. The total weekly loan of the bank for the December quarter was Tk 1,701.25 crore. That’s 19 percent of the total outstanding. The total weekly credit of the bank during the same financial year was Rs.

At the end of December, the bank’s total deposits declined to Tk.6565 lakh crore. It was Tk 2.5 lakh crore in the September quarter. Yes, the bank Deposits continued to decline as customers felt the financial crisis. As of March 3, Yes Bank had a net worth of Tk.3737 lakh crore.

The Reserve Bank took over on March 2, following the deterioration of the financial position of Yaz Bank. April-25. Through this Yes, the bank Customers were limited to accepting more than Rs 5,000 on their deposit. Yes Bank’s nding financing is also inefficient. The Reserve Bank of India has appointed former chief financial officer of SBI, Prashant Kumar, after breaking the board.

The central government announced yesterday that it would withdraw its sanctions from Yes Bank on March 18th. It was further announced that Prashant Kumar will continue as the CEO and Managing Director of the bank for three years and a new Board of Directors will be appointed under his leadership.

Now Yes, the bank All investments in A1 Security worth Rs 8,415 crore have to be canceled with bankruptcy. Investors are shocked.

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