Yes Bank fined 1 crore: Nirmala Sitharaman notified | Yes Bank was fined Rs 1 crore

Yes Bank has been fined Rs 1 crore Union Finance Minister Sitharaman Dr.

Yes Bank is currently in a serious financial crisis. It desperately tried to bring its financial capital to the limits set by the RBI. In November last year, the bank’s board of directors approved raising Rs 14,000 crore to raise capital. However, the target was reduced to Rs 10,000 crore due to lack of expected investment.

For IL and FS only, AATP Group of Companies, Cox & Kings, CG Power, DHFL, Acer Shipping, Macleod Russell Yes, the bank 5,266 crore more than Rs. Some of these companies are in bankruptcy. Thus, the warlock debt of Yes Bank has risen drastically.

Now, SBI and LIC have come forward to buy shares of the consortium Yazwanki. Yes, the debt burden of Yes Bank is Rs 14,700 crore. This is 54.5% of the bank’s asset value. The Reserve Bank and the Ministry of Finance are taking various steps to protect Yes Bank.

Accordingly, customers can make a maximum payment of up to Tk 50,000 from the bank. S Bank has announced that it will remain with the Reserve Bank of India from March to April 7. To follow Yes, the bank There is panic among the customers.

The Nirmala Sitharaman He told reporters:
The impact on Yes Bank was not sudden. We have been closely monitoring the bank since 24 years. The Reserve Bank of India’s executive officer has been replaced by its executive officer in 2018.

The financial situation of the bank continues. Sebi has been monitoring the bank for 25 years. Yes Bank has been fined Rs 1 crore.

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