Why Does The Switch Reply With Startup Config Is Not Present?


Contrary to Router/Firewall configuration, Layer 2 Switch has ports configured as Layer 2 which can’t be given an IP address, instead SVI needs to be assigned an IP address. Switch is assigned IP handle to manage it via Telnet or SSH providers. Using login native skips the checking and validating in opposition [pii_pn_748d73ad8584c41b3056] to the VTY password set inside line vty zero 4 . If you’re on the console, you’ll have the ability to either disable console logging with the global configuration no logging console command. Or, you possibly can synchronize the logging messages with your command immediate.

After finishing the configuration wizard, the swap reboots. To show route information from the Routing Information Protocol topology table, use the show ip rip route command in any mode. What is the Flash Memory component of a Cisco router? Flash Memory stores the Cisco IOS by default. It isn’t erased when the router is reloaded. It is EEPROM (electronically erasable programmable read-only memory) created by Intel.

Which command will display the contents of NVRAM? The command that can show the contents of NVRAM is “Switch#show startup-configuration”. What is the shortest, abbreviated model of the copy running-config startup-config command? The shortest, abbreviated model of the copy running-config startup-config command is “copy run start”. CHAPTER 19 This chapter describes tips on how to configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol snooping on Catalyst 4500 sequence switches.

To display the startup configuration, enter the show startup-config command. A startup configuration is saved within the nonvolatile reminiscence of a device, which signifies that all configuration changes are saved even when the system loses power. To copy your running configuration into the startup configuration you should type the command copy running-configuration startup-configuration. If your change runs Cisco IOS, it maintains a working configuration file and a startup configuration file, both of which you should clear.

Enter write erase, which erases the NVRAM file system and removes all files. At the prompt, verify that you just want to erase all files. The startup configuration is the configuration your devices run on once they reboot or power up.

You can also specify the preferred protocol to make use of after a person has connected to a line. By default, the preferred protocol is telnet . The transport input ssh command when entered on the change vty will encrypt all inbound controlled telnet connections. The service password-encryption command encrypts all present and future passwords. This banner might be displayed when The consumer first will get onto the router.

Configure an acceptable message to those logging into the swap. Protect access to the console using the letmein password. Enter the exitcommand once more to sign off of the change. Notice that the prompt modified to mirror privileged EXEC mode.

If you configure any extra passwords on the swap, will they be displayed within the configuration file as plain textual content or in encrypted form? If I configure any extra passwords, they are going to be displayed as plain textual content. This is because I serviced the other passwords to be encrypted. If I wished passwords to be re-encrypted, I would want to re-enter the “Switch#service password-encryption” command. This is as a end result of the configuration is not modified but the swap functionality is. The change responds with “startup-config just isn’t present” as a result of the start up configuration hasn’t been saved yet.

There could also be occasions when your Juniper firewall runs into issues from which you can’t recuperate. Three situations are covered on this section. One of the most important points is configuration administration. There could also be eventualities that cause you to make modifications the place you would possibly be not sure of the repercussions. For example, you could be adding a new route, or a brand new policy that might wreak havoc in your community, although you’re actively operating on a successful configuration.

Cisco IOS is software program used on most Cisco Systems routers and present Cisco community switches. Why are some FastEthernet ports on the switches are up and others are down? The FastEthernet ports are up when cables are connected to the ports except they had been manually shutdownby the administrators. Which command do you concern to perform this step? Every change should have a MOTD banner because It keeps users up to date on various activities, and it may also be used to warn towards un-authorized access. What are the advantages and downsides of using the serial console connection compared to the USB console connection to a Cisco router or switch?