Which Of The Following Choices Show Parallel Construction? A “being Happy,” “being Unhappy,” And “being Depressed” B “telling A Story,” “being Informed,” And “The Tip” C “face The Music,” “dancing Within The Rain,” And “Show Your Stuff” D “to Get Rich,” “getting Lazy,” And “being Happy”


In B two out of three phrases contain the -ing form so that isn’t the right option. The identical happens in C . Those are the the purpose why A is the right answer.

Facts, studies, and expert opinions are typically the kinds of details utilized in writing. Which of the next is a complex sentence? I want to go to Kinshasa, however i understand the city is unsafe for foreigners. I simply can’t make heads or tails of rap lyrics, but I suppose I’m simply too old to grasp them. Check out the editorial web page in at present’s paper and you’ll discover the piece by George Will.

Being joyful, Being unhappy, and Being depressed reveals parallel building. Finding data you have to full a writing project known as A. Prewriting. Collaboration. Research. Drafting.

Share thoughts, occasions, experiences, and milestones, as you travel alongside the trail that is uniquely yours. Share your world. “being pleased, being unhappy and being depressed” present parallel construction.

The option that shows parallel building could be A, “being joyful, being unhappy and being depressed”. In this case, the grammatical construction which statement best describes ics form 201 utilized in all of the phrases is the gerund (-ing form). Not descriptive. Underdeveloped. Time-consuming to develop. Overreliant on big ideas.