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* In 2004 The Reserve Bank Yes Bank is one of the few private banks that got permission. The bank started as a start-up company with two entrepreneurs Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapoor.

Starting at an investment of Tk 5 crore, the bank raised Rs 5 crore through public offering. The share price of the bank was Rs.

Yes Bank now has 1,122 branches and 1,220 ATMs across the country. It was a leading bank adopting modern technology. However, today the bank has experienced a major decline.

* The debt burden of the bank is currently Tk 14,700 crore. This is 54.5 percent of the bank’s value of assets.

* Only for ATAG Group of Companies, Cox & Kings, CG Power, DHFL, Acer Shipping and Macleod Russell Yes, the bank The total amount of loan disbursed was Tk 10,206 crore.

Six stock brokerages have expressed negative views on shares of the bank, not just Yes Bank activities.

* Bank stocks have reported that bank lending details have declined.

* The founder of Yes Bank, Ranakapur, said the decision to sell it without a bank partner created a major crisis.

As a result, many companies investing in the bank have given up shares.

* Attempting to increase the bank’s financial resources did not produce the desired results.

* Yes Bank integrated with Private Bank Kodak Mahindra Bank. However, Uday Kodak Yes Bank, chairman of Kodak Bank, is not interested.

* Only in one year Yes, the bank The shares were down 80 percent. Earlier, there could be more bankruptcy The Reserve Bank Took some action.

* Accordingly, customers can withdraw up to 50,000 maximum amount. March 2 to April 1 The Reserve Bank Control Yes, the bank It has been announced.

* SBI has decided to acquire 49% stake in Yes Bank.

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