Virus impact on automobile sector production: Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association Consortium | Department of Automobiles

World Covid-I virus is threatened by a virus that will affect the production of the automobile industry Indian automobile manufacturer Said the Society of Societies (Siam). Most of India’s automobile companies import 10 percent of their products from China. This will affect the production of the industry.

Virus attacks often affect all sectors. Specifically, the businesses that relied on China or set up their plants in China suffered severely.

Cars, commercial vehicles. Auto And Motorbike Rajan Wadora, the president of the organization, also said that the battery car industry would suffer.

He noted that China’s New Year has changed the viral environment to a highly anticipated environment. He added that PS যান Vehicle production is also being affected by the current situation.

Manufacturers are looking for alternatives. He said that extra funding and time are needed to maintain sustainable production. He said that the central government continues to need their sector and the government is taking the demands seriously.

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