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Allow the calf to suckle from its mother as quickly as possible so that it takes in the colostrum, the yellowish milk which is produced instantly after birth. The colostrum is wealthy reitz union board in protein and protects the calf in opposition to disease. You will need to recognise the difference between the again and front legs of the calf within the womb.

If the animal is cut throughout shearing treat all wounds instantly with tincture of iodine or gentian violet . First halter the animal then tie the long rope round it as proven in the illustration under. Have one particular person to hold the halter while the other joins you and pulls the rope. The animal will collapse onto the ground and your helper should instantly put his knee on its neck and his hand on the animal’s head to prevent it from rising. Bloat can occur when the animal grazes on lush younger pasture, notably if the pasture is moist. Some vegetation, e.g. clover, lucerne and alfalfa are particularly harmful in inflicting bloat but any fast rising vegetation could cause it.

Young ruminants have 20 short-term enamel, adult ruminants have 32 permanent tooth. You will not be able to find out the exact age, especially in older animals. In severe cases the animal might not belch and it will die. The pain from this causes the animal to try to kick its stomach or it stands with its back legs broad apart.

Do not keep a pregnant animal continuously tied up or with little room to exercise in. She must be observed closely twice a day for indicators of parturition. There could be a few days distinction either means relying on the kind, climate, feed and other elements. When the male mates with the feminine he deposits sperm in the vagina.

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The parasite feeds off the host which turns into weak, loses weight, develops disease and can die. Shearing is the entire elimination of the wool and is carried out utilizing machine or hand shears. The valuable wool can then be used for clothes, carpets and so on. After shearing maintain the sacks of wool in a dry place on plastic sheets to cease them getting damp. If the foot is contaminated and wet and smelly you want to carefully take away the damaged areas in order that the contaminated space is uncovered to the air.

You might encourage your group to make hay or silage to be used in the dry season. Green rising grass incorporates all of the nutrients but in the dry season grass contains little protein and vitamins. It is critical to provide further feeds right now so as to forestall weight reduction, maintain excessive milk production, development and copy. It can also turn out to be needed to give minerals to the animal.

A good, wealthy feed accommodates more power than a poor feed and a cow gets as a lot energy from 1 kg of sorghum, barley or corn as it does from 6 kg of grass. Some feeds are very poor and of little use to the animal. For instance old straw incorporates little vitality, most of it cannot be digested and passes out of the animal as dung. If the infection persists antibiotic in a tube must be squeezed into the teat canal following each milking.