US IT employees in Indian IT companies: 1 lakh

The number of US employees working in Indian IT companies exceeds 1 LAT. More than 55,000 Americans work in TCS, Infosys, HCL and Wipro.

Works at 46,400 American Cognizants. Although Cognizant’s headquarters are located in the United States, the company is considered to be of Indian origin.

Top IT companies headquartered in India have branches in various countries, including the United States. These companies employed Indians in its branches in the United States. With the increase in visa bans, the United States is meeting its work force with foreign workers. Until now, over one million Americans work only in Indian IT companies operating in the United States.

The National Association of Software and Services Company (NASCAM) released the figures. Accordingly, TCS has 20,000 corps American workers Appointment. Similarly, Americans employ 14,000 in Infosys, 13,400 in HCL and 10,000 in Wipro.

Infosys has decided to recruit 10,000 Americans to its U.S. branch in 2017 alone. But now it has risen to 3 thousand.

This reduced the cost of hiring employees through contracts. Software companies relied on contractual arrangements for employees’ needs. As a result, forest expenditure has increased. In this case, direct hiring of American workers has reduced contract costs.

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