US eases sanctions on foreign investment: President Trump assures Indian CEO

In a meeting with industry leaders at the US Embassy at Roosevelt Stadium in Delhi, US President Donald Trump responded to Reliance President Mukesh Ambani’s question.

New Delhi

US President Donald Trump, who is on a two-day visit to India, spoke to Industry Leaders (CEOs) in India yesterday. He then promised that these sanctions would be relaxed to facilitate foreign investment in the United States. He says he has considered the need for foreign investment to improve the US economy and reduce bottlenecks.

He did not comment on the Indo-US trade agreement being reviewed.

He said that he was very proud to visit India and to be among the Indians and he was doing a lot of business with India. He also mentioned that India needs to buy 300 billion helicopters.

Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Trump said: “He is a very nice person but a pleasure to use. We create jobs here. He (Modi) creates job opportunities in the US. Government of each country can help create employment. He said that only private companies can generate employment.

Talking about the restrictions on starting a business in the US, he said that some of the restrictions have to be applied through its restrictions. But he said that his government would reduce these national restrictions and create greater direction.

He said that he must win in the upcoming US presidential election, thereby strengthening the market.

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