Unveiling the ical historical face of computer technology: The passage by Bill Gates | Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has left the board

Bill Gates, internationally known as a computer technology democracy, announced that he would leave the company he started.

Bill Gates has now gone out of Microsoft’s dream empire. He says it is a special place designed to expand the scope of service.

To bridge this gap Bill Gates Not made overnight. Bill Gates, who founded the charity, including his wife, Delinda, and helped the needy before leaving office.

He was one of several Microsoft directors to come down from the top. CEO Satya Nadella handed the role over to the vibrant Indian youth.

Now the only change to Bill Gates is that it is more complete than ever.

This distortion can be blamed for the staggering amount of money and opportunities in the 12 richest 12 years in the world, and the fortune of his family exceeded $ 3 billion in that year.

Passage by Bill Gates

From a rich family in Washington Bill Gates Even though he was born, the challenges he faced in implementing his dream of computer realization came

When he was a 13-year-old student, he chose to categorize computer elements. At this age, he began working on his techniques. Tirak also developed a love for computers.

The story about Gates is that, while working on school computers, he often wanted to separate himself from women in a class full of women and engage in mechanical engineering.

Bill Gates continued to play on the computer with his friends, though not for entertainment. Without being aware of the matter, the school administration banned the use of his computer. Acknowledging the obstruction, he left school and went in search of his form.

১৯ When he started at Harvard University in 1977, he exceeded professors’ expectations. At a young age, Bill Gates was surprised by his computer program experience that many started writing new software designs for. It is sure that computers worldwide can be acquired.

Bill Gates, out of university. With the blessing of his parents, he introduced his childhood friend Alan to Harvard to Microsoft. As a major step forward, he focused on licensing software for computer manufacturers. As a result, many partnerships were able to join hands with him. It has made the computer more affordable for people.

Microsoft has started distributing Windows with smaller companies. After the destruction of the operating system of the world in the 9th decade, the computer desktop was destroyed Bill Gates Opened.

With the rise of the personal computer market, Microsoft has become the best software company in the world. The company has gone through several tests to make it stand out in the computer industry.

At one point, some neglect caused people to lose their confidence. However, Microsoft corrected the mistake. After that it had to endure years of public scrutiny. Become the world’s largest billionaire in the travel of all kinds of legal computer technology Bill Gates He stood fiercely.

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