To delete false records associated with Facebook Corona

Facebook is removing information from its website that gives false information about coronary infections.

The move comes as a number of misinformation has been shared on Facebook disguising the treatment of the coroner virus. The head of the company’s health department posted on Facebook, “We’re trying to delete and disinfect shared information using the hashtag on Instagram.

Records that health professionals claim are incorrect have been deleted. Important posts that do not ask for medical help are deleted.

Guanan group members have shared on the Internet as a magic drug, claiming to be safe from Coroner. However, it was later revealed that it was a dangerous bleach that killed drinkers. Facebook has come forward to prevent such a thing.

There has been a time when Facebook has been accused of making false advertising for political propaganda. But now the company has made the bold decision to disable false information. Some volunteers will also review records related to the coroner.

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