This is not a time of trade; Time for service: Jeff Bizos Coroner, founder of Amazon, comments about Covid 19 on Amazon


All over the world Coronary damage As the intensity intensified, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shared with his staff about the impact of the coroner on Amazon.

He told Amazon employees: “It’s not business time. It’s a time of great stress and uncertainty. Our work becomes the most important thing right now. Amazon is focusing on delivering the most important product to people with basic needs.

To that end, changes have been made to its logistic functions. We provide important services in any corner of the world. Above all, we are providing important services to the elderly. We are increasing the salaries of employees who distribute goods among the people.

Many companies are closed worldwide. Many people lost jobs. There are currently 1 million new recruits on Amazon. They can work together until they return to their jobs. He said that your work is a social memory for the community.

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