The Volvo electric car is offering recharge in 40 minutes

Los angeles

Volvo has launched 80 percent rechargeable car ‘XC40’ in 40 minutes.

The price of the car launched at an event in Los Angeles yesterday has not yet been revealed. XC40 is a hybrid car that runs Android – system.

The car technology is fully integrated with Volvo’s digitally connected service platform, ‘Volvo on Call’. This special design allows car drivers to track how much electricity they spend on the ‘Call Plug Valve’.

Fitted the battery recharge diagram on a Volvo X40 electronic car

Hakan Samuelson, CEO of Volvo said:

“For Volvo cars, we have repeatedly stated that its future is electronic. Today we are taking a new step on the horizon by becoming familiar with our fully electronic XC40 and recharge vehicle line.

Volvo has promised to launch a fully electric car every year for the next five years. Because by 2025, efforts are underway to convert all electric cars to 50 percent of global sales.

Each Volvo Recharge Splitter of this type of model is provided free electricity for one year to promote electric vehicles. During the one year period, average electricity expenditure will be repaid through refunds.

To meet the expected growth in demand for rechargeable cars, Volvo will double the production capacity of electric cars.

Volvo expects to produce 20 percent of all hybrid plug-in cars ready by 2021. “

According to Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelson.


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