The sweet news: you don’t need a mini-balance anymore; SBI Bank Announces 44.51 Million Users to Reduce Interest Rate Savings Accounts by 5 Pc; Removes the minimum balance requirement

The bank aggressively declared that not all customers having a State Bank account will need to maintain a monthly minimum balance in their savings account.

The announcement will benefit 1.5 crore subscribers who have SBI bank accounts.

Currently, SBI Bank maintains minimum balance in the savings account in all three categories.

Bank account holders in the metropolitan area will have to maintain a minimum expenditure per month on their savings account, Tk 2,5.

Customers who do not maintain their monthly minimum balance are fined up to Rs 15 and GST is charged.

From now on, there is no minimum balance, such as a zero balance account SBI Bank Dr. This will give the maximum possible bank account holder an additional Rs.

In addition to this SBI Bank In another announcement, the company also waived the quarterly SMS charges paid to its customers.

Also, reduce the interest on the deposit as an important statement SBI Bank Announced. The interest rate on deposits up to Tk 1 lakh is now 8.2 per cent and interest rate is given at 3 per cent above Tk 1 lakh. The interest on 3% of the deposits has been uniformly declared on all rescheduled and all savings accounts.

The SBI Bank In a statement, Chairman Rajan Kumar said, “Customers will be happy with the announcement of SBI Bank. They will have a smile on their face.

Previously, the rate of on-the-ceiling expenditure (MCLR) would be reduced by 10 to 15 points from March 10. SBI Bank Announced. This will increase the availability of home and auto loan in the bank.

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