The number of fraudulent individuals who have fled abroad in the last 3 years: 722

The number of people fleeing overseas due to various financial crimes, including financial fraud, has risen to 722.

There are many allegations of non-payment of their debts, financial fraud and financial crimes in the banks. Steps are being taken to bring them to India. The Foreign Ministry said this in a Lok Sabha. It is also known that proper investigation into the crimes committed by the escaped persons is underway.

Steps are being taken, including a search warrant (LOC), Red Corner notices and procedures to bring it to India. These activities are being conducted under the Economic Crimes Prevention Act, 2018 (FEOA). It is also said that an agreement is under negotiation with the country in which they reside.

Economic criminals and prominent residents abroad are Pushpesh Baut, Ashish Jopanputra, Vijay Mallya, Sunny Kolra, SK S Kolla, Aarthi Kolla, Barsha Kolla, Jatin Mehta, Umesh Parek, Kamlesh Parek, Nilesh Parek, Axavia Cork, Vinay Mitt. Modi, Nishal Modi, Mukul Choksi, Sabya Seth, Rajiv Goel, Alka Goel, Lal Goel, Tifteben Chanchankumar Chandesara, Ritesh Jain, Hitesh N Patel, Mayuribe Patel, Ashish jopanaputra rest prthi said.

On January 3 last year, the then Union Finance Minister SP Shukla said that in the last five years, 27 economic criminals had fled abroad. The number has now risen to 722 in one year.

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