The Nittites suffered a sudden frost on Twitter

Published by: 02 October 2019 14:01 p.m.

Updated: 02 October 2019 14:01 p.m.

Published by: 02 October 2019 02:01 p.m.
Last updated: 02 October 2019 02:01 p.m.

Twitter Explosion-takes-down-TweetDeck

Popular social media Twitter is suddenly suffering from paralysis.

Twitter is one of the most used social media sites worldwide. It is used by political leaders, actors and international celebrities.

In this case, India’s Twitter website is suddenly paralyzed. Likewise, the tweet has lost its effectiveness.

The politicians say they are unable to “tweet, send or send short messages or pictures.” Likewise, Twitter does not work on Android and iOS on mobile.

Commenting on this, Twitter support said, “We understand the disadvantages of using Twitter and the Twitter deck. Users cannot perform regular operations. We are in the process of getting it fixed. Twitter will be on regular use soon ””

Earlier yesterday, Twitter was closed in North and South America, Europe, Japan and Canada.

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