The Kovit 19 virus has impacted international economic growth – RBI governor

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Reserve Bank Governor Shakti Khandadas says global economic growth will be hampered by the Kovit-1 virus originating in China.

In India, its impact will be less, but it will have global impact.

Only a few fields have been infected in India by the Kovit1 virus. However, alternatives have been found.

The Covid 19 virus is China’s largest invasion, the world’s second largest economy. As a result, many sectors of China have been severely damaged. India’s pharma and electronics sectors have suffered.

Earlier in the 20th, China was the world’s sixth largest economy after the impact of SARS. China’s contribution to international production was 8.2 percent. China has now become the world’s second largest economy. Its contribution also increased by 5.3.3 percent. He said China’s economic stagnation would have an impact on international economic growth. Most of the raw materials in the pharma sector are imported from China. He said that having four months of stack holdings did not affect Indian companies at the moment.

Iron ore exports from India to China have been affected by the Coyote 19 virus. As a result, iron ore has become available to local manufacturers at very low prices. This could reduce their production costs.

The Chinese economy has been emerging since the breakdown of SARS in the 21st. In 2012, India’s contribution to global gross domestic product (GDP) was 23 percent. Das noted that in 2019, it will grow to 38 percent. Holidays have been announced for six Chinese provinces. Coyote has killed more than 2,000 people in the virus. The number of people infected with the disease increased to 74,185.

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