The case of Yes Bank; Enforcement Division Notice to Anil Ambani | Anil Ambani called for enforcement

Amanil Ambani to appear in Yez Bank scam Apply Notice sent.

The Reserve Bank took over on March 2, following the deterioration of the financial position of Yaz Bank. Until April 1, customers at Yeez Bank were limited to accepting more than Rs 5,000 on their deposit. Yes Bank’s nding financing is also inefficient. The Reserve Bank of India has appointed former chief financial officer of SBI, Prashant Kumar, after breaking the board.

The central government announced yesterday that it would withdraw its sanctions from Yes Bank on March 18th. It has also been announced that Prashant Kumar will continue as the CEO and Managing Director of the bank for three years.

Seven banks, including SBI, have invested. Thousands of crores. The Enforcement Division and the CBI have launched an investigation into the alleged fraud as the rescue operation began.

Investigation revealed that the bank was under the administration of Yes Bank founder Rana Kapoor, who drowned a large number of ineligible corporations.

In exchange, the companies paid into Rana Kapoor’s wife’s bank account, and enforcement agencies suspect that Rana Kapoor’s wife Bindu, daughter Rakhi Kapoor Danton, Roshani Kapoor and Radha Kapoor were also involved in illegal transactions.

600,000 crore has been reported from DHFL in particular. Rana Kapoor was later arrested.

CBI officials raided the home of Rana Kapoor and relatives

Anil Ambani is also involved in illegal money laundering and fraudulent lending to Yes Bank in his bank and his company is investigating the matter. Apply Notice sent. It has been responded to by appearing on her behalf.

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