Supreme Court allows cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin – RBI banned Bitcoin

Chronic chaos, forbidden Kiriptokaransi For trade and transactions Supreme Court approval To provide Kiriptokaransi The Supreme Court upheld the RBI ban yesterday in the ongoing RBI ban against RBI. In this case, the use of cryptocurrency has become legal.

Digital currency or digital currency Kiriptokaransi A transaction that is not controlled by the Reserve Bank. of the pitka This is the first of many cryptocurrencies. It has nothing to do with the currency value of a country. They have unique financial value.

Over the years, RBI has warned that cryptocurrency can increase tax fraud and that these uncontrolled transactions will be huge. Subsequently, 2018 has taken heavy restrictions on applications related to cryptocurrency. Banks and financial institutions are prohibited from providing any services in this regard. Follow it Kiriptokaransi Dependent companies closed. In this regard, the Indian Internet and Mobile Association (IMA) filed a petition opposing the RBI order. Amunu judges Rohiton Nariman, Anirutha Bose and V.P. The hearing came before a session of the Ramsubrahmanyam. Judge Amman’s hearing Kiriptokaransi They have allowed the use ban to be lifted.

Cryptocurrency is not money. It’s one of a kind things. IMAI submitted its argument that the RBI had no right to ban it. And many nations of the world Kiriptokaransi There are strict restrictions on communication. In this regard, Japan legalized cryptocurrencies in 2017.

In June of last year, Kiriptokaransi Central Government Committee Kiriptokaransi Importantly, a ban on the use of proprietary equipment and its operators should result in imprisonment of up to 10 years.

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