Stock market trailing in 6 months: Nifty plummeted below 10,000 by 10,000 points

The coronavirus, known as the Kovit-1 virus, which threatens China, is spreading rapidly to countries such as Iran, South Korea and Italy. Covid-1 is spread to many regions of the world, including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Canada and Cambodia.

The coronavirus virus has also started to spread in India. In the capital, Delhi and adjoining areas, 3 are receiving treatment at hospitals due to the Kovit-1 virus infection.

Several people from different states have been admitted to coronavirus hospital. Coronavirus has confirmed that there is one more child in Kerala today. The number of coronavirus infections in India is increasing.

The echo of this is a sharp decline in the stock market today. Mumbai Stock Exchange Transactions.

The numbers have dropped in the last 30 months. National Stock Exchange Indexes Shit It has fallen to over 10,000 points.

The Bombay Stock Exchange index Sensex traded down 1900 points at 33,767.

Similarly, on the National Stock Exchange, the transaction fell more than 585 points to 9,875.

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