Stock market crash: loss of Tk 1 billion in 7 days trade | Stock market

The stock market has been declining for the past one week. Yesterday’s trade also fell 153 points. Overall, the 7-day trading fell 939 points. The loss of listed companies in the stock market amounted to Tk 1 lakh crore.

In India, 3 cowrites (coronavirus) have been infected Stock market Fall is becoming inevitable.

According to sources in the Union Health Ministry, one person has been identified in the attack on Kovit in the capital Delhi, Telangana and Rajasthan.

At the start of trading yesterday, the index rose 78৮৫ points to 39,083 points. By reducing interest rates in banks in other countries Stock market It was predicted to boom. However, the stock market sank after the Federal Health Ministry announced the virus. The index fell 0.40 percent to 15,384 at 38,144. National Stock market The index decreased 0.62% or 69 points to close at 11,132.

And India’s gross domestic product has fallen to an unprecedented level Stock market The decline continued further. Of the three companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, three out of the three companies fell.

Oil and gas company shares fell 2.5 percent. Of the 5 major corporate stocks, 5 shares have fallen.

At the start of trading, Reliance’s shares rose three percent. However, a one per cent reduction was inevitable as the shares rose in the afternoon.

State Bank of India (SBI) shares fell 5 percent. However, applications account for 39 per cent of the ordinary shares of SBI Card and Payment Services. Shares of Bajaj Finance and Kodak Mahindra Bank fell by 2.22 percent and 1.226 percent, respectively. Reliance shares were down 1.04 percent. Shares of Tata Steel fell 5%.

The shares of SpiceJet in the airline were down 1.3 percent and Interglobe Aviation’s shares were down 1.3737 percent. The airline shares were down, fearing they could cancel foreign service due to the coroner’s virus.

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