Still a few days left; Do you know the smartphone list that WhatsApp hasn’t been running since 2021?


New Delhi,

WhatsApp announces that Android will stop working on smart phones and iPhones by 2021

WhatsApp will no longer work on older model Android smart phones, and iPhones and Windows Mobile phones from February 1, 2020.

Accordingly, WhatsApp does not run on Android 2.7.1. The WhatsApp processor won’t run in the iOS 8 division on the iPhone next year. This model cannot open new WhatsApp accounts on smart phones and update existing WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp processor will not work on Windows smart phones from December 31 night. WhatsApp will not work after 31st due to withdrawal of WhatsApp support for running Windows 10 OS.

Probably Windows smart phone holders plan to save all their chat info with the option of exporting.

WhatsApp is also not working on the KAIS 2.5.1 operating system running Geophone and Geophone 2.

Whereas Android and above, iPhone iOS 7 and higher WhatsApp provides. WhatsApp is running on advanced versions of KIOS 2.5.1 running on Geophone and Geophone 2.

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