State Bank Of India S Bank owns 49% stake in Yes Bank SBI will collect 49% stake in RBI bailout for 450 2, 450 crore

S Bank in the face of financial crisis Reserve Bank of India The Federal Reserve Bank has announced a draft restructuring plan to protect consumers financially as they come under financial control.

That means the State Bank is the investor. There has been no change in the Terms of Service, including salary and allowances for S Bank employees. This means employees do not have to worry for at least a year.

But the board will decide on the key management responsibilities. According to the draft restructuring plan, the government’s capital is Tk 5,000 crore. A total of 20 million shares, of which the share price of the United States State Bank of America buys 49% of the shares.

SBI has not completed another 3 years. RBI has stated that S Bank cannot reduce its shares by 26%. SBI invests it at Rs 2,450 crore.

A new board is also being created, which will include at least 6 executive directors, CEOs and chairmen, 2 executive directors. SBI will appoint 2 directors. Board members have been in office for one year.

As with all deposits and liabilities of S Bank, the existing system will continue and the new project will not be affected.

Subsequently, comments on RBI’s draft restructuring plan were welcomed Reserve Bank of India Will reveal the final result.

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