Specialities of Emerald Chat – Learn About all the specialities of it!

There were lots of questions with the people when Emerald Chat started because during those times there were lots of companies same like Emerald Chat was there and also they were successful too because of the need. And the big question during that time is how is emerald going to survive with the competition out there.

But the thing is that everybody thought about the present situation nobody has thought of the future. Like you know they see at the number of people during that time using chat forums.

But we emerald always see out an upcoming opportunity that we always have actually looked out in the upcoming years how it’s gonna be actually.

Look as like we have expected the no of internet users had a tremendous increase in the numbers so the Online Chat Forums too. But not only that main reason for our success and the position that we are at now.od

It’s actually the unique specialities we have and the things we provide to the users they want, that’s what made us special.

Important Specialities of this Application!

So take a look at our Specialities

Ranking of users

Bots in Emerald Chat.

Special Search Tags

Ranking of Users

This is a feature which we have made it out recently and it so seems to work out for us pretty good as we thought off.

Here is how this works, in emerald chat we actually have a thing called as the Karma Points, if you are emerald users you might have heard about it. The thing is so simple the higher the number of Karma Points the more good you are, Lower the number you need to still work it out.

Ok let’s take out an example Person 1 has 98 Karma Points and Person 2 has 22 Karma Points, in these cases who will you prefer to take with definitely anyone is gonna select Person 1 for sure because person 1 has earned people’s belief.

Actually Karma Points are given out by the person you actually you meet with, if they feel you are good they give you a positive karma point.

Login To Emerald Chat

Bots in Emerald chat

So we here at emerald chat always want to give our users the best of all with us, so actually there bots in the Emerald chat which would be useful to us in some ways but we always don’t want it to disturb you in any cause and we have developed it like it.

Its job actually in there to keep people within their like small security over you which prevents people from talking abusive languages.

Special Search Tags

This is another speciality about the feature, actually, it is a kind of filter what it actually does is that you’ll be able to search out your chat partner based on the type of mood that you are in actually.

For example, if you are sad, lonely, depressed you could use one of those tags and our servers will give you results and people based on the tags you chosen.

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