Special Credit to Small Enterprises Affected by Coroner Virus: State Bank of India | Covid 19 virus

New Delhi

With businesses being crippled by the coroner virus, SBI has announced a special lending scheme to help small and medium enterprises recover from losses. Accordingly, Carona has announced a special loan for the industry at a loss of .229 percent. The scheme will take effect by June 30

A maximum loan of 10 percent of the company’s capital will be provided. The maximum loan amount is estimated at Tk 200 crore.

Loan amount will be paid immediately. Orrow borrowers will have to pay six months later in installments. The financial environment is influenced by the coroner’s influence. In this regard, SBI has brought financial flow of companies.

Although the rapid spread of the coroner virus is being controlled, it is said that it will take another nine months to stabilize the economy. The industry has been severely affected by the severity of the coroner virus. Investment and valuation in India will decline in the next financial year, the Economic Research Institute said.

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