Six million people infected with coronavirus virus: EMA requests central government intervention | Covid influences the entertainment industry


Recreational activities and various programs have been canceled because a 21-day curfew has been issued to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to the Association for Concern and Recreation Management (EEMA), 6 million people will benefit financially.

The organization called on the government to intervene and take action.

The company said it had suffered a loss of Tk 3 billion for two months and that it would continue for the next few months under the current circumstances.

According to the EEMA, several out-of-state programs have been canceled following the outbreak of the coronavirus. This has led to a major economic crisis. In this sector, 5 million people are making direct income About five million people are employed at the indirect level. At present, the sector is completely crippled and the income of crores of people is in question.

The show and entertainment industry is growing at a rate of 14 percent per year. By 2022, it is expected to turn into a revenue of Rs.

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