Shaun Gayle’s Girlfriends On The Time Of Rhoni Reuters Dying

Deerfield hadn’t seen a homicide in additional than 30 years. And now a lady was shot in her own home. Police noticed there was no pressured entry. Photos taken when her household visited Rhoni in September, 2007 are treasured treasures now.

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She was genuinely apprehensive about what some obsessed, vindictive girl would do to her daughter, especially as a result of she was pregnant. Shaun mentioned the letter was nothing more than the rantings of a crazed fan and to not worry. All lies, move along, nothing to see here. Well, as everyone knows, Rhoni was far from protected. As police proceed to process the scene.

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During her trial, prosecutors argued that Yang’s motive was fueled by jealousy. Further investigation revealed that Yang was tracing all of Gayle’s mails and was aware of all of his relationships. It then became clear that it was Yang who had written the letter to Reuter pretending to be someone else by writing it in broken English.