SBI invested Tk 7,250 crore in SBI Yes Bank

SBI’s Central Investment Board (SBI) has approved an investment of Rs 20 crore, to recover Yes Bank from bankruptcy. The total scale accordingly SBI Yes Bank will buy 725 crore shares at a price of Rs 10,250 crore per share.

At least 20,000 crore rupees is needed to recover Yes Bank, in this case, SBI Earlier it was reported that it would invest Rs 10,000 crore. In this case, the government has been allowed to invest Tk 20 crore. Yes Bank owns 49% of the total shares SBI Is to buy The initial investment of 245 crore shares will have to invest Rs 2,450 crore.

Yes, the Reserve Bank of India rating will also affect the performance of other companies, India Ratings and Research said.

As of April 7, Yazwanki has been limited to paying more than $ 5.50 to its customers. Other companies that have accounts in Yezwani will be severely affected. India Ratings has stated that the operations of these companies will be affected.

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