Samir Agarwal elected as CEO of Walmart India division | Samir Agarwal

Samir Agarwal

New Delhi

From the US Walmart Samir Agarwal has been appointed as the CEO of the Company’s India division.

It is reported that Sameer Agarwal will take over as the CEO of the Indian department from April 1, when the term of CEO Krish Iyer will end on March 31. It has been reported that he will work as a consultant to the Agriculture Organization.

Samir Agarwal was appointed Deputy CEO in January this year. Currently he is promoted to CEO. Samir Agarwal graduated from London Business School with a 2018 Management Degree Walmart He was appointed chief planning and management officer of the company. He subsequently took over as Chief Business Officer in December 2018.

Is actively pursuing its business in India by investing in Flipkart Walmart Works Flipkart has also suspended its business with curfews across the country.

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