Ronaldo will set up an intensive care unit for coronary infections Ronaldo helps out at the hospital


Portugal football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his manager Manez Horne Mendes are jointly funding two 10-seat intensive care units to fight the coronary virus infection.

Cristiano Ronaldo (1) is working with his manager George Mendes to help fund a hospital treating coronary artery infections. The two have already donated 2 million gowns, 3 life jackets and 1,000 face shields to the Porter Sao Zhao Medical Institute in Portugal.

Ron Dow and Mendis are currently funding the construction of two intensive care units at University Hospital Center in North Lisbon. With 20 bed additions. The university says it will have all the medical equipment needed to treat those seriously affected by the coroner virus. The hospital already has 31 seats in the intensive care unit. The number now stands at 51

The university said Ronaldo and Mendis will be named in two units of intensive care. Ronaldo and Mendis volunteered to build a fully equipped 15-bed facility at Santa Antonia Hospital.

In Korea, 30 people were killed in the attack on the Coron virus. Another 11 were infected with the virus. In addition, 2,662 people were under intense surveillance.

Messi and support …

Argentina football team and Barcelona club star Lionel Messi has donated Tk 8.24 crore to buy equipment for a government hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain, treating the coroner virus.

More than 3 people have died in Spain following the attack by the coroner virus. More than 3,000 people are infected with the virus.

To raise awareness of the coronavirus, the international football company FIFA has published 20 international footballers in five languages. Indian captains Sunil Chhetri, German player Philip Lam, Spanish players Iker Casillas, Carle Pie and Messi were also present.

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