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Reserve Bank appointed by Reserve Bank to resolve issues at EES Bank will be resolved soon Yes Bank Administrator Prasad Kumar said.

Priority is taken to ensure that the customers of the bank maintain continuous operations. He added that all ATMEs are taking necessary steps to cash out customers.

He said that bank branches are a priority for all employees to make their customers comfortable. He said that the bank would like to thank the customers for their assistance during this difficult time.

On March 5, RBI Bank imposed a restriction on a maximum of Tk 2,5 per customer. The bank also appointed former chief financial officer of SBI, Prashant Kumar, to oversee the bank’s activities.

He said the staff was coming to resemble the current crisis of the bank and the matter would be resolved soon.

RBI norms for Yes Bank have severely damaged foreign currency trading, credit card transactions and digital transactions in the financial markets. The Reserve Bank The bank had already announced the third-quarter financial statements on March 14 before taking action. Kumar said the bank is trying to disclose its financial statements on the 14th of this month.

In a statement sent to the SBI, Prashant Kumar, who was appointed to look into the bank’s managerial responsibility, said that it was reviewing the bank’s financial position.

He said the bank needed more than Tk 2.5 crore to provide 5 per cent stake to SBI. He said that after the board meeting, the bank would make clear statistics about the bank’s performance and financial position. He noted that the bank is in talks with other banks, financial institutions that want to invest in Yes, as it requires more funds. He said the problem would be resolved within a few days by raising funds for the capital.

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Meanwhile, the CPI has issued a look-out notice against seven accused. The CBI said it was issued to prevent Rana Kapoor and his family members from fleeing abroad. Rana Kapoor, his wife Bindu, daughters Rashini, Reke and Radha and founder of DHFL Kapil Wadhwan, founder of Arj W developers have been issued notices.

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