Reliance Geo Fiber launches on September 5 with free invitations, high speed internet offers

In line with Mukesh Ambani’s announcement, Reliance Geo Zika Fiber will be launched next September 2, while the experimentally operated Geo Ziga Fiber will debut on September 2.

According to sources close to Reliance Jio, Reliance Jio is offering a free setup box for every Gio Piper broadband connection.

The Geo Zika Fiber program has a plan of minimum 700 to maximum Rs 10,000. It was already announced in August that it will provide unlimited free calls, high speed 100 Mbps internet and LED TVs for lifetime customers.

The minimum rent is Rs 700০০ and the maximum rent is fixed. The rent is determined according to the needs of each individual.

Once families are connected to the Geo Fiber program, they will be able to talk to mobile and landlines across India, with speeds of up to 100MMBS and over 1Gbps of broadband internet.

Internationally speaking, there are lower fees. The US and Canada have plans to pay up to Rs 500 per month.

In 2020, the Geo Zika Fiber project will see the introduction of new films. Accordingly, customers can watch movies released on the same day at Zika Fiber Premium

Geo Fiber Welcome Off is also launching. If customers opt for an annual subscription, they will be offered a free HD LED TV or 4K TV and 4K setup box, “Mukesh Ambani announced in August.

Video calling is also available on TV sets. Reliance sources said the PTI news agency said the customer had to connect the camera with the SDP for the service.


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