Reduction in wages due to coronary virus: airline companies Covid 19 virus

New Delhi

The airline has been infected with the coroner virus, and the airlines are cutting the salaries of its employees.

Indigo announced a 25 percent pay cut. The airline suffered a virus outbreak. Resulting in loss of revenue. In the present context, the financial position of the company needs to be maintained. As part of this, the company has been forced to reduce employees’ salaries, said Ronzai Dutt, CEO of IndiGo.

The maximum is 25 percent

His salary is reduced by 25 percent. The salaries of the veteran co-captains were reduced by 20 percent and the salaries of the deputy captains and pilots were reduced by 15 percent. Assistant Vice-Presidents and cabin crew salaries are reduced by 10 percent. In Band D those wages decreased by 10 percent and those in Band C decreased by 5 percent

Pay-roll is not limited to store staff in the Band A and Band B categories. It has been announced that it will take effect from April 1.

State-owned carrier Air India could potentially get a 5 percent pay cut

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