Reduces interest rate on future deposits by 8.5% | Future deposits on interest

Employees for the current financial year Provident fund EPF’s interest rate has been reduced to 8.5%. 20 years-3. The interest rate for the financial year was .6.66 percent, and interest for the fiscal year 2012-13 was now reduced to 8.8 percent.

This is the lowest interest rate in the last 7 years. A meeting of the Central Trustee Board was held yesterday. It was decided to reduce the interest of the EPF.

Thus for the current fiscal year Provident fund Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar has said that the company will be worth over 700 crore rupees.

The interest on the Employee Provident Fund was 20 F-4. 5.5% in the financial year. 25-5. In the fiscal year, the maximum amount was 8.5 percent. Interesting, the EPF rate was.

The Labor Ministry is awaiting the approval of the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding the decision. It is noteworthy that the federal government regularly insisted on determining the interest rate of the Employee Provident Fund, equal to the amount set by the General Provident Fund and the Post Office Savings Project.

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