RBI Governor Shaktikant Das expresses concern over government bonds

In an attempt to issue government bonds in the global trade market The Reserve Bank Deadly landing The Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikant Das said. He noted that leverage will increase.

He said that some investors are concerned about providing government onds in the global trade market so that global investors can easily invest in Indian government bonds.

In a budget jet announcement earlier this month, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said foreign investors would get the opportunity to invest in certain central government securities.

In this case, the present World Trade Market Shaktikantha Das says that he is consulting with the relevant forest. He said work was underway on this and the timeline for when it would be published was not immediately released. Remittance of Indian on bonds will increase foreign investment in the global trade market. He said the result was an increase in domestic financial position.

When he talks about the financial crisis of Indian financial institutions, we are actively monitoring the financial position of non-banking financial institutions. It has been revealed where the problem lies. In some companies cash flow is affected. Creating sustainability in financial institutions The Reserve Bank The telephone said it was dealing with extra care.

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