PS6 starts to supply fuel at 28,000 outlets nationwide

The PS6 petrol and diesel will be distributed across India Indian oil The corporation has just begun distribution. Currently at its 28,000 petrol stations across the country PS6 fuel Its president Sanjeev Singh says it is being distributed.

India Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum this week PS6 fuel Delivery will begin.

From April 1, vehicles sold in India will comply with PS6 rules. At this time, PS6 is required to supply petrol and diesel to control environmental pollution. It is said that India is one of the best fuel suppliers. Most oil companies started manufacturing PS6 petrol and diesel late last year.

Its quality is defined by the amount of sulfur content in the fuel. PS4 fuel is currently being used in India. It contains sulfur compounds at 50 ppm. However, the amount of sulfur in the incoming PS6 fuel is only 10 ppm. At this point, environmental pollution will be greatly reduced.

India has switched to PS3 system in the 21st. The amount of sulfur in it is 350 ppm. Seven years later, in 2017, the company switched to PS4. It has only switched to PS6 in three years now. Delhi’s perimeter from April last year PS6 fuel It is noteworthy that it is being distributed.

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