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In this digital age there are very few people who do not use mobile. For many people, 24 hours is not enough for mobile use. One of the major problems we face in the face of mobile life that has become such a part of life is charging.

The ChargingInfo start-up company based in Ahmedabad has tried to solve this problem by creating a digital charging kiosk for public use. Launched in 2018, kiosks are currently being used in several locations in India. The kiosk is mainly used for the train station and the crowded temple city of Uzin. The instrument was fully digitized. It has a locker. The payment will open the locker. Connect the mobile to the locker’s charging point and turn the locker off. This machine will issue a receipt. You can scan the receipt again, open the locker and pick up the mobile. It has a barcode and a QRCT scanner. There are mobile charging facilities in many places but you will need to have a mobile phone while charging. This is not an issue.

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