7 iPhone apps to Manage your Money

Ever since the App store was introduced, developers from across the globe have been on a developing spree to bring out the most innovative and most useful app to the store. Though games and entertainment-related apps are still the most sought after and anticipated ones, the popularity of apps which are useful for the daily use are increasing. Name any purpose and you have a number of apps out there, satisfying and giving you more than what you wanted.

From planning your travel, to finding the nearest bathroom iPhone apps have become a part and parcel of the user’s life.It is probably the security and the simplicity in usage that adds appeal to most apps on the iPhone. Same is the case with apps that could help you manage your finances. Some of the best and most popular apps which help you with your money are discussed here.

Bloomberg LP

This one is the most popular and easily one of the best apps that is available on the iPhone in this genre. This elegantly designed app contains and displays an unbelievable amount of information and data on the screen. This free to download app is the perfect one to keep track of anything and everything that happens with respect to the stock markets. The app displays share prices, a 52 week summary chart, volume, latest news, company descriptions, price chat and market trend analysis on the screen.


One could keep a close watch on bank accounts with the Balance app. This app keeps track of all incoming and outgoing funds easily on the iPhone. The app automatically calculates the account balance after each transaction is made through the account. Any credit or debit from the account is monitored by the app and thus virtually gives the shock (or whatever the mixed feeling is when viewing account information) in installments by constant updates rather than in one go! Very helpful.

Spend Lite

This one is similar to Balance in the sense that this app could be used for planning and maintaining expenditure within the budget. Spend Lite is the free version of Spend and could be used to set 5 weekly budgets for food, entertainment, going out or any other thing one could think of. Each time any money is spent on a particular item, the value is to be entered and then Spend shows how much money is left within the budget to spend.


PayPal mobile application for iPhone and iPod Touch could be used to operate one’s PayPal accounts from the phone. The app could be used to send money securely to anyone in the contacts list or to make purchases from mobile websites without any compromise on security. One could check the account balance also using the app. Another interesting feature is “quick pay” which could be used to send money even faster.

Loan Shark

LoanShark is another highly recommended app which provides a number of features to calculate various factors related to loans. LoanShark helps to compare loans from various vendors and let us calculate any component of  a loan, including payment, interest rate or loan amount, shows the full the Amortization Table for loan’s lifespan and even has options to study various scenarios that could occur which could lead to lesser or higher payments. This easy to use app with a very simple interface with all its features comes at a price of $4.99(only).Another attractive feature which is very much “i”, is the iPhone’s location awareness mechanism which is clubbed with this app to locate nearby banks.

Mobile Banking

Bank of America’s mobile app could be used to check available balances, pay bills, transfer funds and even to locate the nearest ATMs and Banking Centre Locations. All transactions are highly secure with advanced encryption technology and hold a special guarantee from the bank itself.


PocketMoney is one of the most popular, traditional and eldest in the genre which first appeared 14 years ago on the Apple Newton.A powerful app, PocketMoney comes at a price of $9.99.PocketMoney can track any number of accounts, auto-complete transactions based on the payee generates expense reports and pie charts.


5 Popular Online HTML Editors

HTML editors are of big help in creating web pages. Specialized HTML editors offer convenience and added functionality. With these Online HTML Editors, the user can edit any of the HTML documents directly from your computer.


SCREEM stands for Site CReating and Editing EnvironMent. This is basically both an HTML editor and XML editor and runs on Linux and UNIX platforms. It is not a  WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor but is designed to be a (What You See Is What You Mean) WYSIWYM  editor. This enables better and finer control over the HTML that is being created. SCREEM supports Dreamweaver templates also.

To help with the addition of multimedia content it has numerous wizards. This editor can be used with the GNOME Desktop Environment. It comes with a unique feature of previewing open documents in any of the user installed web browsers. “Intelliclose” has been enabled, this feature allows automatic closing of HTML tags.


WYMeditor is an open source HTML editor of   What You See Is What You Mean (WYSIWYM)  type. This text editor has been written in the JavaScript programming language easy editing of contents on the web pages.This unique editor is simple to use and it concentrates more on the semantics and meaning of  its contents leaving the visual details.

Being a WYSIWYM editor it  shows the XHTML structure of content to the user.WYMeditor is based on the jQuery JavaScript framework. WYMeditor has more readable and cleaner source code than its competitors. Another feature of this text editor is that it can be integrated into web pages built with any of the server side languages.


Bluefish is an HTML text editor. It is a web development editor which focuses on dynamic website development. Bluefish is simple to use and supports HTML, XHTML, C, Javascript, Java, SQL,CSS, XML, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, Python, Ruby and shell development. This has been incorporated with wide variety of features support development of websites. This is relatively lightweight with a low learning curve.

Bluefish comfortably runs on  Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. Windows support is however limited. Bluefish has been developed in C/GTK+ and can be used integrated in or independent of GNOME

Quanta Plus

Quanta Plus was previously called Quanta. Quanta Plus is a web Integrated development environment (IDE) for HTML, XHTML,   PHP, CSS, XML, any other XML-based languages or for other scripting languages. Quanta has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design and is also capable of hand coding.

Applications like  Kommander, KImageMapEditor, KFileReplace are integrated with Quanta or may be independently used. It comes with advanced features like tag editing through a dialog interface, project management, PHP debugger, CVS support, script language variable auto-completion and live preview. Quanta Plus is part of the Linux desktop environment.


This is an open-source WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor well suited for a  novice user.  KompoZer is based on Nvu editor. The editing capabilities of KompoZer are one of its major attractions. This also allows direct code editing and a split code-graphic view. This is a project on Sourceforge and the new version features a new user interface.


3 Popular ‘Broken Link’ Checking Tools For Your Website

Most web users and programmers must have stumbled across the problem of broken links or a deleted page, a forgotten sub-directory or a site moved to a different domain. Ultimately the web pages will lead to a “404 Not Found” error page and for big pages the user will find it difficult to individually check the links.

broken links

Here we have six popular free broken link checking tools for websites which will help in finding broken or dead links. These online and desktop tools make the whole process very simple. Users can easily correct these types of errors

Xenu’s Link Sleuth(TM)

This web tool checks websites for the broken links. Xenu’s Link Sleuth(TM) also performs links verification on the so called normal links, these includes images, frames, plug-ins, image maps, style sheets, backgrounds and java applets. It accurately checks the web pages of user for broken links and has incorporated many advanced features. Link verification can also be performed.

Some additional features include support for SSL websites, partial testing of ftp and gopher sites, re-checking broken links for temporary network errors and no-frills user-interface. The executable file is smaller than 1MB. This offline windows based software also detects and reports redirected URLs. Users can also sort continuously updated displayed list of URLs by different criterions

Web Link Validator

Web Link Validator is a desktop tool. Users especially web programmers will find it to be very helpful as it detects missing images and links that do not work. Web Link Validator tool checks the integrity of the site, syntax validation and automatic reporting. This runs on systems with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

User can edit, link and unlink each web link directly via the plugin’s page without having to manually edit each post and also detect redirected links. This tool monitors links in users posts, pages and checks modified posts as soon as possible. These link checking intervals can be configured by the programmer. Thus Web Link Validator allows user to view broken links and redirects complete list of links in the site to the Tools Broken Links tab.

W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker is a web tool that is used for broken link checking in the websites. This tool checks for troubles in links and in referenced objects in a Web page. All that the user needs to do is to provide the URL of their website and this web tool will identify the issues with the web pages and produce a summary in the end.

W3C Link Checker has been launched by W3C.It also recursively checks the whole of any given web site. User can even provide link depth to check these links recursively. W3C Link Checker is actually part of W3C’s validators and Quality Web tools.