26 Amazing Explosion Photographs

Explosion photographs are always amazing to watch even though the photographers risk their life. See below a list of 30 explosion photographs. Some of these explosion photos are disturbing though.

Underwater explosion

Barren Explosion

Solar Flares

SHore Explosion

Aircraft in Flames

Airport Explosion

Bus Explosion

Car explosion

Dynamite explosion

Forest Explosion

Navy Explosion

Train Tank explosion


Tank Explosion

Train Tanker Explosion


Volcanic Explosion

White smoke

World Trade center

Windows 7? Best windows ever?

With microsoft’s latest windows, Windows7 they plan to recapture the market they lost. As we all know, with the release of vista many users found it irritating and didnt quite provide for what they were charged. With Windows 7,microsoft plans to turn a new leaf and recapture all their users. So whats new in windows 7? Let’s take a look.


One of the major problems with Windows vista was that its user account control gave too many alerts and led users to either completely disable it or even downgrade to windows xp. With windows 7, microsoft brought back UAC with an improved interface to limit the number of prompts given by UAC to the user.

Although many still criticize the fact that setting UAC to a lower setting makes the system vulnerable, its better to have a little security than none at all.

Security Alerts, Be gone!

Like the UAC, security center alerts was another irritating fact that many users left vista for Xp. Now with windows 7, you can set to disable specifically the security alerts that you dont want to see.

PC safeguard.

PC safeguard is microsoft’s new software for windows 7 to protect the boot drive. Although the idea isnt a novelty, the addition is certainly a welcome. One of the main concerns that a multi user system will face is malware and other applications downloaded by various users. With PC safeguard, you can set it so that your computer will be safe from downloaded stuff. How it works? Well, the Safeguard once set will dump all changes to the boot drive when the user logs off.

New features in IE 8

With smartscreen filter,IE8 which comes bundled with Windows 7 promises to warn the user of phishing sites and suspected sites that contain malware.It also provides a filter for cross site scripting,a domain highlighter and an inPrivate browsing to keep all your privacy safe. With all the claims, maybe windows 7 might be better than we all thought. Only time will tell.


Applocker is another tool which if it works as it is meant to would make windows a very safe place. The applocker can be set which programs can be run or not on a user system. A user can allow some programs to run without prompts by looking at its content signing. All in all, a more flexible tool than what microsoft used to provide through XP and Vista.

So what does all this mean? Well, with competitors like Linux which offers free and a large number of distributions and Mac Microsoft will find it harder than ever to sell their software to users. Granted, a large majority of users around the world are familiar with windows. But with more and more user friendly interfaces offered by its competitors, people are thinking twice before they buy windows these days. Microsoft should provide more than just an Operating system to attract users from Mac and linux back to their product.

Windows 7 does bring to the table a lot of features, in time we will know whether its worth the price as well.

6 spectacular space travel motivated gadgets

1. Anti-Gravity Machine With Globe

This is a device that is exciting as it is new. It has an attractive new globe and can hold a floating picture frame as well. It is a magnetic stand with night light, and holds objects floating in thin air with the aid of magnetic field. All the objects that you float in the air with this device can also be rotated in any direction with the touch of a button. As the picture frame holds a picture on both the sides, this creates the effect of a two-photo frame that spins.

You can also have the night light that shifts through various colours with time. And, do not worry about the floating objects crashing to the floor on power-cut-off. They just get attached to the top module in such a situation. The best thing with this new “floater-device” is that you get to see ordinary things in an extraordinary context. Yes! You do not always get to see an object floating in space that shouldn’t be.

2. Desktop Rover R/C tank – Plantraco tank

This is an innovation that has its inspiration from the Planetary Exploration Misssions of Nasa. The Plantraco Desktop Rover is a Remote-controlled vehicle that also has telepresence capabilities. This Rover can spin on the spot when directed to do so and can also move in every direction. This is brought about through the independently controlled tank tracks. It has a high rating of torque that enables it to ride over obstacles easily.

The storage of the device does not take much space nor does the remote control that fits in your pocket. The Desktop Rover has the credit of being the smallest R/C tracked vehicle sporting a laser tag. This is exactly the tool that every space explorer, especially planetary explorers should be yearning to carry along. The Desktop Rover would be the perfect tool in extraterrestrial landscapes.

3. Laser Cosmos Projector

As the name suggests, the device is a laser projector of the Universe on a small scale. Claimed to be one among the most breath-taking of the modern-day space gadgets, the laser Cosmos Projector is one more step into virtual-reality. This is a device that works based on laser and holographic technologies. It has a powerful green laser that projects a real-time view of the sky and its vastness on your drawing room-ceiling. The projector fills the room with clouds, stars and shooting stars all coming together to create the effects that take you to the next realm of vastness and infinity.

The blue nebulae and the animated star show are all operated at the flick of a switch. The whole set-up creates a three dimensional effect with near and distant galaxies seeming distinct. The features of this Projector are many. The Laser Star Projector lens, Cloud brightness controller, the self-focus ability are some of them. The projector can be turned to any angle to create a virtual-sky in the desired direction.

4. MIG 25 Space Explorer – Travel to Space

The MIG 25 is the opportunity to take a look at our home planet as one would from the outer space. This is one of those dreams that every space travel aspirant would carry along from the childhood days itself. The whole programme includes a two-night stay at Moscow in Russia followed by customs and immigration clearance. You are given a leather flight jacket, flight certificate and a photo containing the Jet and the Pilot on the runway.

The trip launches from a place near Moscow. The trip takes you to 25 km in the upper atmosphere in a MIG-25 Foxbat. Once there your limits of horizon are stretched to about thousand kilometres. The trip is sure to raise you to an overwhelming spirit or as you would call it a state of bliss. There are certain restrictions on those allowed to take part in the program. The individual should not weigh above 120 kg. The height restriction is 6 ft 2 inches and the waist length 120 cm.

5. Moon in My Room – Moon Illuminated

It is the dream of every space watcher to have the moon and the planets at hand and to watch them from close by. The Moon in My Room is one step towards realizing that dream. It consists of an almost accurate curved relief of the real moon, which is to be fixed on the bedroom wall. The remote control along with the device allows you to control the rotations of the moon as you wish.

By default, you can see the actual phases of the moon in your room without a single window opened. The moon turns on automatically in 30 minutes in a darkened room, which can be reset by the user. With the Moon in My Room, you can see the full 12 phases of the moon light up in your bedroom. Along with the device comes a 15 minute CD containing a tour on the different areas of interest of the moon. The instrument requires 3 AA batteries and the remote control requires two of those.

6. MySky

MySky is a real wonder in the fact that it is a treasure house of sky knowledge. It is a fantastic new database that has the ability to identify almost 30,000 celestial objects-what a number!! Just point this device at the night sky, it tells you about each wonder that the sky has to offer to those who look at it. The device adds a bit more zeal to the whole aspect of night-sky-watching by keeping you informed on what you are viewing. When you point the device at an object in the night sky, like a nebulae or a galaxy, it gives a full multimedia presentation about the same.

One more fascinating thing with mySky is that it informs you on the best things to view in the sky depending on your location on the Globe and the location of the Sun with respect to your part of the world, at present. Interesting thing is that it can also control your telescope, directing it towards the most interesting view of the night sky. The device can give a visual guided tour of the stars in your part of the sky and find more constellations than are visible at first sight. It also has real-time sky maps to add to its colour. Do not be surprised if you find a satellite on observing through your mySky, because the device is also equipped with that ability. It has a 6-hour battery and an SD card.

10 Features Gmail Should Add/Improve

1. Inbuilt download client

While using Gmail, people usually tend to download tons of data from other servers to their system. Most of the data are from servers which do not support pause and resume function. The corporate users rarely have to face this problem but the home users are the ones that are affected the most, as they face frequent disconnection. Introducing an in-built client in Gmail, that can download the data to the Gmail server, enable pause and resume function would be a wonderful option using which the user can download data to his/her system conveniently.

2.Virtual Keyboard

Crackers and hackers are everywhere around the globe waiting to attack the users with Keyloggersand Wireshark. To keep the users away from Keyloggers, Gmail can provide Virtual Keyboard option during “Log in” session to avoid password theft. This method is being employed in online banking.

3. Document converter

The users receive several files in several formats like doc, Docx, pdf .etc. They may not be having document converters to convert doc to pdf, Docx to Doc, Docx to pdf and so on. Providing a document converter client in Gmail would really help the users in doing their work without having to search, download and install this converter software.

4. Gmail lab pop ups

There are tons of additional features available in Google Labs for Gmail but most of the users are not aware about the multitude of features that can be added to their inbox. Provision of a pop-up client or something similar to inform the users about these extra features would be a great feature.

5. Custom Gmail wallpaper

The basic Gmail doesn’t give an option to the users to put their own wallpapers as background. True, there are a variety of themes but it lacks this particular option. The above-mentioned feature is available in Twitter. It will enable the users to put their family pictures or photos that are dear to them and remain close to their loved ones.

6. Separate chats and emails in search

At times when you’re chatting with your buddy online, you exchange some links or ideas. Later on, when you want to retrieve that particular chat and type the keywords in the search bar, you end up getting a mix of emails and chats which could be unrelated. In short, a separate search feature for chats and emails would be a lot more helpful.

7. Video chat for Linux

Video chat is possible in Windows but it is not possible in Linux. The Google engineers definitely have to look into making this option available as more and more people are turning out to use the Open Source software and operating systems.

8. Increased attachment Limits

To reduce spamming, Gmail has put up limits on the number of mails a single user can send. He/she can send up to 500 mails per day. If the limit is exceeded, the account will be disabled. Also the size of the attachments that one person can send to another has a limit of 25MB. However, when a person sends mails with attachments to a group, the size of the attachment limit goes down to 4MB. But these limits should be increased because of the user’s daily growing need to share and keep in touch with people.

9. Signing in to a Gmail account

Another issue noted is that two people can sign in to the same Gmail account simultaneously from different locations and it won’t be reported to the original user. Whenever the Gmail is open in multiple locations, it should be reported immediately to prevent data theft. In this era of technology, computer data is certainly more valuable than gold!

10. View unread mails

It is a simple feature that is not there in Gmail. The users cannot read the unread mails alone. When the user has few mails in the inbox, he/she can find the unread mails very easily. But when the number of mails shoots up, it is pretty difficult to view the unread mails alone. The users also find it difficult to clean the inbox because of this.

10 most popular ecofriendly green gadgets

Global Warming currently the deadliest pair of words that are capable of destroying the entire planet in a span of few decades. Every person in the world knows about global warming and knows that if man continues being the ignorant character that he has been till now then he will have to face dire consequences unfurled by nature’s wrath. Laws and policies are being enacted by the day in countries to reduce global warming. But what does an individual have to do in order to contribute to saving the planet? Simple just go as green as possible. Listed below are ten gadgets that can help you do so and hence conserve a lot of power. Conserving power means two things lesser electricity bill and lesser burning of fossil fuels.

1. Tweet-a-Watt

Winner of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2009, this gadget will help you keep a track of the daily power consumption.This gadget is a modified version of a Kill-a-Watt(TM) power meter which will publish wireless the daily KWH consumed to the user’s Twitter account (Cumulative Kilowatt-hours). The device uses a “super-cap” to slowly recharge itself. Once it has sufficient charge it turns on the Xbee wireless module which transmits the data to a nearby computer. Once it has calculated the power usage for the day, it records it and sends it to your predefined Twitter account to remind you of how much power you have consumed that day.

2. RITI printer

The device is a great piece of innovation. The RITI printer is an Eco-friendly printer with a new ink system. Conventional ink cartridges are often difficult to replace and costly. This printer uses coffee or tea dregs as ink. The user has to place the coffee or tea dregs into the ink case located on the top of the printer and then insert paper. You have to move the case left and right to print your image.This system is a much cheaper alternative and is effective method of waste disposal. Moreover it is power saving since the ink cartridge is moved mechanically and hence doesn’t depend on electricity. However your final prin4 simple methods to green printingtout will have the aroma of coffee or tea.

4 simple methods to green printing

  • Insert the paper in the middle of the RITI printer.
  • Fill the ink case with coffee or tea dregs.
  • Move the ink case manually from one side to another.
  • After finishing the printing, remove the paper from the printer and wash and clean the ink case.

3. Chromasun Solar Powered Hybrid Air Conditioner

Although it sounds very ironical this air conditioner uses the sun’s heat to cool the room. This device can convert 75% of sun’s energy which is significantly more than PV cells and other devices. The device is essentially a sealed box which acts as a utility scale solar thermal plant. Green AC’s can help reduce the power consumption to a great extent since 16% of energy in US is consumed by cooling systems.

The device functions in a similar manner as that of natural gas cooling systems. First water or oil in a sealed tube gets heated to 220 degrees Celsius. This heat is then used to warm a solution containing some refrigerants. The refrigerants boil away. The solution and refrigerants are later reunited, and are used to cool the room. After that the mixture is pumped back to the same cycle and the cycle repeats again. Moreover it does not need much maintenance. So basically a device with fewer hassles and which helps us save lot of money in AC electricity bills.

4. Solar Cell Strap For Cell phones

Often our cell phone runs out of battery when we are in the middle of the conversation. This is very irritating. The solar cell strap tries addresses the matter to certain extent. The strap has a tiny solar cell which is very much capable of charging your cell phone for those crucial moments when your battery is absolutely dead. You will have just about enough time to wrap up your talk and go find the nearest charger.

5. Samsung Blue Earth

Our life is becoming more and more dependent on gadgets and one gadget we can absolutely not live without is obviously the cell phone. Samsung in an effort to do something for the planet has come up with its new Samsung Blue Earth which is made from recycled plastic and is equipped with small solar panels. If the phone is charged under the sun for 10 to 14 hours then it can provide enough power for four hours of talk time. The handset also comes with conventional socket and plug to charge with electric power. It is also equipped with built in pedometer.

6. Panasonic RISAIKURA MS-N53 Indoor Composter

Panasonic has come up with a gadget that takes care of your waste disposal in a very effective manner. It makes use of a special platinum-palladium catalyst. The Panasonic RISAIKURA MS-N53 recycler can hold up to 2kg of organic garbage, which can be anything like food scraps, which it then mixes up and breaks down into compost with the assistance of heat and the platinum- palladium catalyst. The waste gets converted to compost which is supposedly better than many industrial fertilizers. Panasonic RISAIKURA MS-N53 recycler has various settings that let you control to what extent the garbage is dried out. You can select the shorter option if you intend to create protein rich compost. However it is a very expensive device with its price range around $880.

7. MSI U110 ECO Wind Netbook

MSI has come up with an energy efficient laptop which supposedly delivers high on performance. It can run 9 hours straight on a single battery charge. The U110 Eco Wind laptop has a 10 inch screen and features the Intel Menlow Platform with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor.. The netbook features 802.11b/g/n WiFi support, a memory card reader, stereo speakers and comes with a variety of disk storage capacities from 80GB to 160GB. It sounds as if the netbook does not have a solid state drive, otherwise MSI would be claiming that as a feature too.

8. Sunnan

Sunnan is IKEA’s solar powered desk top light. The solar cells directly transform sunlight into electrical energy directly. Hence it helps you save energy. Moreover the LED’s have longer life and consume 70% lesser energy. The time that they take for recharging is 9-12 ours in sunlight and with full charge the light can shine for approximately 4 hours. Although the light diodes are not responsible they have a long life of 50,000 hours. It can give n intensity of 400 to 500 lux at its starting point. However after 3 hours the light intensity will go down to 300 lux.

9. Low Energy Computing: Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop PC

The PC giant Dell has come up with its new Eco friendly model of PC. It is not only green but also stylish, hip and compact. It can be used for watching TV as well can perform tasks performed by your PC quite efficiently. It also comes in the Eco friendly bamboo skin along with other normal colors. It is being touted as the most energy efficient PC that has ever been made till date.

The energy conservation is possible because it is 80% smaller than conventional desktops. Moreover it uses fewer raw materials. Although it cannot be upgraded in the future it already comes equipped with attractive features. You can buy a model with up to 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. It also comes with gigabyte Ethernet, Wi-Fi using 802.11n, a Blu-ray disc reader in addition to a Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive. You also get a built-in 7-in-1 Media Reader, with a slot for the new high capacity and Hi Speed Secure Digital (SD) cards.

You also get to save a lot of money on electricity bill since the Dell Hybrid PC uses 70% less energy compared to other desktop computers. The power supply is very impressive with 87% efficiency. It meets Energy 4.0 standards. The small size also facilitates the cooling of the unit. Hence less energy gets wasted as heat. The PC also comes in 95% recycled packaging (a common feature now) as well as a system recycling kit.

10. Wind up Phone Charger

This gadget is a life saver. It will let you charge your mobile even when there is no electricity. It not only charges your mobile but also helps you burn some of the calories that you gained during the day. It has a handle. All you have to do to charge your mobile is turn the handle vigorously for a few minutes and the Wind Up Mobile Phone Charger creates enough energy to power your mobile for 25-30 minutes. It also has an inbuilt extra flashlight. It is reusable and Eco friendly. Moreover it is a very convenient and handy device. It is lightweight and very compact. It can fit into your travel bag very easily. Moreover it is safe to use. It is compatible with Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

15 most popular firefox video downloading, sharing and editing add-ons

The video plugins available in firefox often make our job easier by providing easy editing and sharing features. There are many available for downloading, sharing and editing as well.

Video DownloadHelper 4.6.2

Video DownloadHelper version 4.6.2 is one of the easiest ways to download videos from hundreds of sites like YouTube. This is basically a web content extraction tool. It captures video files from many sites. Audio and picture downloading is also possible.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader 1.6

Youtube video downloader is the easier downloader with direct single click download buttons for FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD qualities. Latest version is 1.8. The Video-title with be saved as the file-name for downloaded videos. Support for this add-on is provided at http://www.free-video-downloader.com/

NetVideoHunter Video Downloader 0.4.2

This add-on enables users to download videos and music from any video-sharing site. Before downloading, the videos and music can be previewed in a built-in media player. It also has video smoothing capability thus better quality videos in full screen can be obtained. It supports sites like Youtube, Google Video,MySpace Music and Metacafe. Support for this add-on is provided at http://www.netvideohunter.com

Flash Video Resources Downloader 1.0.2

Flash Video Resources Downloader version 1.0.2 downloads videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion and other popular video sites. It is up to date on changing sites and also supports new sites constantly.Support for this add-on is provided at http://www.flvresources.com/

YouTube As MP4 0.2

YouTube As MP4 0.2 works with Firefox: 2.0 – 3.5. and is based on a grease monkey script. YouTube As MP4l add-on adds a “Download as MP4″ link below the ‘Embed’ option at every YouTube video page. Thus videos can be directly downloaded from YouTube in high quality MP4 format. Support for this add-on is provided at http://blog.arpitnext.com

Ant.com Toolbar – Tube Downloader 1.4

Ant.com Toolbar – Tube Downloader version 1.4 works with Firefox: 1.5 – 3.5. The Ant.com toolbar can download videos from websites that only stream them for instance youtube. It has integrated flv player for flash videos, thus the user can watch locally any downloaded video. Support for this add-on is provided at http://contact.ant.com/

UnPlug 2.023

UnPlug 2.023 is a video download tool. UnPlug is an extension which lets the user save video and audio which is embedded on a webpage. UnPlug works for sites like youtube.com, video.google.com, metacafe.com, etc. UnPlug scans web pages and allows users to easily save the media files.

Media Converter 1.0.3

Media Converter 1.0.3 downloads and converts videos directly from the users browser without the need of any special software for this purpose. It supports websites like youtube.com, blip.tv, dailymotion.com, metacafe.com etc. This version Works with Firefox: 1.0 – 3.1b3pre. It can directly convert the video. Hence users will get their desired videos in the necessary file format .

VideoSurf Videos at a Glance 0.50

Using this add-on, users can get visual video summaries and related videos on Twitter, Google and YouTube. This version works with Firefox: 1.5 – 3.5. Support for this add-on is provided at [email protected] VideoSurf video summaries display selected thumbnails from the video. Thus users can watch their favorite videos, avoid spam and come back to specific moments in a video. An advantage is that users can disable adult content in Related Videos if they want so.

Magic’s Video – Downloader

This provides faster and easier video down loadings. The video file is to be saved as flv. Downloading videos from sites like Video.Google.com, Youtube.com, Metacafe.Com, 220.ro and 2XtremeBoom.phg.ro, becomes very simple. Simultaneously users can also give relative titles to the videos they download.

FetchMP3 Video to Audio Converter 1.2

This add-on is officially provided by FetchMP3.com. It allows users to download the audio from any video on the internet. This version works with Firefox: 2.0 – 3.5. Support for this add-on is provided at http://www.fetchmp3.com/ Download links will be seen at the bottom right of the browser window in the page has a video.

Facebook Video 2.1.7

The is based on Greasemonkey Facebook video script. This add on Facebook Video version 2.1.7 allows users to download or convert Facebook videos and videos outside of Facebook. Support for this add-on is provided at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/9789. The download video link, convert video link and customize code link are added to Facebook video pages. The download link is a direct link to downloading any video file and the convert link leads to Zamzar.com where the user can convert video to any format.

OneRiot – Realtime Search

OneRiot is a real-time search engine. Users can easily find the news, blogs and videos that people are sharing at any moment. Thus users will be able to find the most relevant contents on the web. Support for this add-on is provided at http://www.oneriot.com/company/help

Video Bookmarks 0.7

Video Bookmarks version 0.7 is an easy means to collect, download, organize and share videos from any video host and websites like Youtube, blip.tv, Veoh, Vimeo. Videos can be saved from any video host to the user’s video collection. These can then be organized by tagging and creating video channels. For safe keeping, backup saved videos to myVidster servers

6 Must have firefox add-ons for bloggers

Blogging has become a daily activity for a significant population of internet users. Articles referring to blogging as a form of addiction are many. Each blogger is on the constant strive to bring out quality content for the readers, and plenty of research and effort is put in so that each post is presented in a format with plenty of data that could be easily and effectively conveyed to the readers. Other major concerns and efforts for the bloggers would be in the development of each post, search engine optimization to drive internet traffic to respective blogs and so on. Fortunately, several useful add-ons are available, clubbed with the firefox browser from Mozilla Corp.  Each of these add-ons is expected to bring in some value addition to every blog.

1. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a tool developed by the Microsoft Corporation which is basically used for blog editing. This add-on is an extension to the original software which is a desktop blog editing tool. Installing this add-on adds a button to the browser window which could be used to collect data and titles from the current webpage and post it to your blog hosted any blog service-Windows Live, Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad or any other. The user could blog the whole of the current page or just selected snippets. The add-on requires (any version of) Windows Live Writer to be installed.

2. Read It Later

Basically, what this add-on does is to save webpages to a reading list so that it could be read later. The list created by the add-on could be accessed from any browser or any device and the list is saved online on readitlater.com by default. The reading list could be synced with any device, anywhere and the page could be added to bookmarks menu-if it deserves to be. The tool actually eliminates the need to bookmark every page that would mostly be of one time interest, but to be read later.

3. ScribeFire

Scribefire is another excellent tool available for the hard core blogger. Developed by Christopher Finke, this add-on is extremely popular as well with over 2,612,411 downloads till date. This one is basically an excellent blog editor that lets you drag and drop formatted texts from webpages, make notes, upload images and post the contents to multiple blogs as well.

4. Zemanta

Zemanta could be described as one very intelligent add-on which expands the user’s blogging experience beyond the ordinary. Zemanta gives the user access images, links, articles, tags relevant to the current text.It encourages re-use and linking to other relevant content very easily-thanks to its simple user interface.Zemanta supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Ning, Drupa, LiveJournal and email platforms like GMail and Yahoo!Mail. Zemanta enables corss platform quoting for blogs and has access contents from a spam-free database of over 10000 sources.The data submitted are copyright filtered as well.
Some of the sources which the add-on accesses are links like Wikipedia,IMDB, Amazon Snooth wines; videos from youtube and 5min; Images from Getty, Flicker; widgets from Google Maps, Slideshare and other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter- not to forget BBC and CNN.

5. WebMynd


WebMynd is a very useful add-on which embeds search results from sources the user prefers the most on the right hand side of the poplar search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on. It could even save previously webpages and search content from those sites as well. The add-on offers the user excellent options to disable and enable a wide range of features which could help the user search better. The user could combine from a list of sources which include popular sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Amazon, New York Times, Forbes, CNN, Google books, Digg, Bing and so on.

6. SEO Toolbar

This tool displays the Pagerank, LAexarank, Popularity Index and various other rankings of the current webpage. Some of the other features available in the toolbar are Google Adsense, Enhance, popular PPC Engines site, Miva, Kanoodle, Google Adwords, SearchEngine View on current page, Keyword Discovery, links to SEO related forums, Wordtracker, PrioritySubmit, Link to Wayback machine and so on.

11 Most Recommended Firefox Add-ons for Designers

Here is a list of some of the best firefox add-ons available for the web designer who would prefer all those handy tools on the same browser window itself, rather than as multiple programs. Even with the fact that the browser gets slower with each add-on, the exciting features each of them provide lets the user to make them available on the browser window.

1. ColorSuckr

ColorSuckr extracts the 12 most common colors from any image on the web. The user need to right click on the image and the colors are extracted, which could then be used to develop various color schemes and various other features available from http://colorsuckr.com/

2. FirePalette

FirePalette is used with the firebug add-on (discussed later in the same article).It provides a color picker to firebug’s CSS panel and a menu item which says, “pick xxx color…” to the context view of color value of the CSS panel.

3. Colorzilla

This allows the user to pick a color from any point on the browser. The add-on could be used to measure the distance between any two points on the page, zoom the page, choose colors from pre-defined color sets and save the frequently used colors in custom palettes. The picked colors could be adjusted and added on to any program after suitable adjustments.

4. GridFox

GridFox is helpful in designing pages which follow a grid based layout. The add-on draws a grid on the page by selecting GridFox>Options after a right click on some point on the page.

5. PixelPerfect


PixelPerfect is a Firefox add-on which is actually an extension to the popular Firebug add-on. It allows developers/designers to overlay composition over the already developed HTML. It also features an opacity option which enables the user to view HTML below the composition.

6. FontFinder

The name explains the add-on. The CSS text styling of any element on the page could be available using a simple right-click followed by selecting the “FontFinder” option.

7. View Dependencies

View Dependencies is a very useful tool to identify and analyze each element on a page and optimize performance. It adds a tab to the page info window and lists all files loaded on the current page, and orders them by servers and by types. The size of each file, total size per server and total page size are also displayed.

8. Window Resizer

The add-on could be useful to test the page for different screen sizes. Window resizer accurately resizes the browser window to different standard resolution sizes, via the context menu, tool menu or toolbar button. Standard sizes 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1600×1200 are supported.

9. FireShot

Fireshot basically does help the user create and edit screenshots of WebPages. The user could save just the visible part of the page or the entire page and use the options available on the add-on to modify and insert text and graphical annotations to the captured image. The captured images could be saved to disk, printed, emailed or exported any other image editor; thus making it extremely useful for designers, testers and reviewers.

10. Screengrab

Screengrab is yet another tool which could be used to save webpages as images, either to the disk or to clipboard. The user could choose to save from the entire page or a particular frame of the page. Screengrab also captures the java and Flash on the page.

11. Firebug

Firebug is the ultimate and most recommended tool for web developers and as mentioned in the article, many of the add-ons for the developer comes in as an extension to firebug. Firebug enables the user to edit, monitor and debug CSS, HTML and JavaScript on any page.

7 iPhone apps to organize your daily life.

The revolutionary product from Apple has not only changed the way people communicate using a phone, but has added newer dimensions to every walk of life. No other gadget would have influenced almost every walk of life like the iPhone. The iPhone plays the role of the facilitator of a set of very innovative and useful applications, which are available from the App Store.

Here is a list of some of the best apps that could help us organize ourselves better.


Compatible with the iPod and Ipod touch-2nd generation- eTask is short for Enterprise Tasks.The app allows one to view, sync and edit tasks on the groupware server. The app uses the CalDAV protocol for synchronizing tasks with the server. eTask supports Kerio Mail Service[KMS], DAViCal, Oracle Beehive, Yahoo Calendar and Cosmo Chandler. The app is expected to work with other sully CaIDAV capable servers as well. Some of the other features include multiple accounts, support for HTTP and https, user-configurable time display windows.


This multi-functional app allows the user to manage bank accounts and keep a track on spending.It allows you to record all deposits and withdrawals and could easily track all expenses and thus follow a monthly budget.The app allows the user to manage any number of accounts all at one place and even offers a password protection thus providing security.This one is a real helper to be financially on track.


Steecky (StickyNotes) is another one of those simple applications that could be one of the most useful and appealing in more than one way. Steecky is a free web app for iPhone and iPod touch which could be used to create steecky notes to be viewed on the iPhone screen when it is locked and thus acts as a reminder. This could be really helpful and could serve as reminders, simple notes to self, stuff one would want to memorize or anything at all. The app offers about 250 variations of background and other options such as text color and so on.


This one is a free web based app that could manage a project and team. This extremely useful app could be used to share tasks and projects with your team. The user could assign tasks to team members and do more related tasks. The desktop version of the app is more powerful and has more options in it. The mobile version of the app is also available, at i.hitask.com.


As the name suggest, DecisionMaker helps the user to make a decision when in a state of confusion. This one is helpful when there are multiple reasons to support and against the argument over which the decision is to be made. Decisionmaker analyses all the pros and cons and makes a decision if one outweighs the other by a factor of at least two to one. If not for the decision, the DecisionMaker could be used to list and analyze all the points and thus could help the user get a good perspective of it.

My Signature

This one is another simple and useful app which helps to generate personalized signature. To create a personalized signature, one just has to type in the name and choose from a list of fonts and text colors to customize it the way one want. All experiments made could be redone at any point; after the user is satisfied with the signature, the user could tap it and save in the photo library and could be used with emails


Noteshare is another web application that lets the user to create and format a note. Noteshare offers a list of colors, fonts and sizes for the user to choose from. The background could be customized as well. Another attractive feature is the wide landscape keyboard in the landscape mode. Once the note is created the user could embed the fully formatted note with all original features into email. Once configured with iPhone twitter client, the app could be used to send note to twitter.


BugMe! Sticky Notes for iPhone from Electric Pocket

Finally Electric Pocket Ltd has released their iPhone version of the ever popular BugMe! This fabulous reminder cum note taker app lets users jot quikly doodles and notes with fingers as their pen, just as if a digital sticky note. For over a decade, smartphone users have been using BugMe! as an indispensable tool. The recent release of the app to iPhone users has been welcomed with open hands by BugMe! enthusiasts all over the world. Most of the users are glad that they get to use this application, which was previously available only for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. “BugMe! for iPhone has answered all the long-time pleas of users who were missing such a faithful old friend!” expressed Electric Pocket’s chief products officer, Barclay.

The handwritten notes of BugMe! can be organized and kept for future reference and can be shared easily by Twitter or email. Users can even set an alarm time for their notes and BugMe! will remind them when the task is due. The new release of BugMe! includes an additional feature called “Save to Home Screen” in which a copy of the notes made, can be saved onto the iPhones application launcher screen. This feature enables the user to drag and position the notes with any application icon and hence reminders can be kept in a neat, visible and organized manner on the iPhone home display screen at all times.

The iPhone’s BugMe! version includes an added option for its users to choose any colored paper style or photos from the album to write their digital sticky notes on. Users can also quickly take a snap and jot a note directly on it and place it as a reminder. This innovative tool is available in the Apple App Store currently at price a of US$.99.

The iPhone’s BugMe! is sure to be an instant hit among iPhone users worldwide. Immense popularity and a unique combination of substance and style will surely bowl any skeptic over and out. BugMe! has yet again made us realize, there is a child sleeping in every adult.