Outbreak of coronary virus: Crude oil consumption decreases after 28 Coronavirus causes first annual reduction in oil consumption since 24

Due to the prevalence of coronavirus, the highest since 20-24 Use of crude oil Is reduced

Covid-19 virus that threatens China The coroner virus It is spreading rapidly in countries like Iran, South Korea and Italy. Covid-1 is spread to many regions of the world, including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Canada and Cambodia.

India The coroner virus Its effects are beginning to appear. India The coroner virus The number of victims has increased.

All over the world The coroner virus The spread of economic activity has greatly crippled. Factory output is down and people’s traffic is off.

This has significantly reduced the demand for crude oil. The use of crude oil has declined since the 21st.

Global crude oil consumption has now dropped to 3 million barrels. In just 20, crude demand fell to this level. The International Energy Agency said

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