Number of Start-ups registered in India: 28,979: Information of Minister in Lok Sabha | Start up

Of the start-ups registered in India till March 1st of this year Number 28,979 that Central Industrial Trade Department Minister Push Goyal Dr.

In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, he said that the number of start-ups is in Maharashtra (1,477). According to the report, start-ups are running in Karnataka (4,206), Delhi (3,740), Uttar Pradesh (2,342), Haryana (1,635), Telangana (1,609), Gujarat (1,555) and Tamil Nadu (1,509).

He noted that the start-ups have been given some benefits and till March, 1,3737,7 start-ups have been provided.

He further noted that the 1st and 15th Finance Committee has allocated Rs 10,000 crore to promote start ups in India.

3,123 crore has been provided to 47 companies through alternative investment funds registered with SEBI. India – In a trade negotiation between the United States India In reply to another question, Goel said the deal would open and deal with domestic companies.

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