New auditing methods to prevent corruption in companies: Publications of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

To prevent corporate fraud New auditing methods Have been brought The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has said that auditors conduct audits, arrangements for fraud in the forest and eligibility for refill should no longer be recorded in audit reports. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs made the announcement yesterday.

This practice is being brought to fruition in companies. Auditors auditing corporations must file fraudulent information to control corruption.

In a statement from the corporate affairs ministry, the company said it would prevent corruption in the radius. Accordingly, auditors should present their views on the Company’s activities. You need to evaluate the company’s financial position and ability to pay off. Similarly, banks should also know whether banks are using the credit system of the company.

This guideline applies to all companies except companies, banks, insurance companies, one-person corporations and non-profit corporations, which are covered by Tk 10 crore. According to the practice of Audit Series Part 2016, auditors must provide details of 21 stop forests. In current practice, it has risen to 50-A.

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