Mahendra Resorts to Fight Coroners at Financial and Medical Centers: Anand Mahendra Announces Anand Mahindra Provides Mahindra Resorts for Provision of Temporary Care

Businessman Anand Mahendra has announced that he will provide the necessary funds to prevent Maharana resorts across the country into temporary hospitals.

World countries are taking various steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Floral crown Since India is currently in the second stage of the virus transmission, the federal government is taking serious steps to control it. The central government, which has declared school-college holidays till March 7, has banned theaters, public places and shopping malls till December 5th. The train was banned.

Industry firms have been advised to stop production and stop production temporarily to prevent the spread of coronas. Mahendra, the country’s leading car maker, has ordered work to be stopped tomorrow in Maharashtra.

Production stopped at a car manufacturing factory in Pune. Similarly, Mahendra has ordered closure of factories, sales centers and service units in major cities including Nagpur and Mumbai. It has not announced when it will launch. The next step will be announced later.

Anand Mahendra, President and CEO of Mahendra said:

Mahendra Resorts is about to turn into a temporary hospital nationwide for coronary alert. We are ready to temporarily provide medical centers at Mahendra plant locations. And we’re going to create a fund for these things. Mahendra has come forward to pay me salaries for the next few months with funding from the Labor Organization.

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