Licensing of telecommunications companies: Request from the Cellular Operators Association

India wants the Center to simplify the AGR system and reduce the license fee in order to help both telecommunications companies recover from a serious crisis. Association of cellular operators Requested. Banks are currently reluctant to lend to forests. The system calls on the central government to advise banks.

Rajan Mathews, general director of the Cellular App Raters Association, said in a letter to Telecommunications Secretary Anusha Prakash that banks are reluctant to help telecommunications companies. He noted that banks are refusing to guarantee new credit to those companies.

He said banks need to be informed that the central government is committed to the telecommunications industry. He also called on telecommunications companies to reduce the use of wave beam and pay licensing fees to help them recover from the crisis.

If you sign up with the US, Germany and France, the co-pay in India is very low. He further noted that India’s telecommunication companies have lower revenue than China, Brazil and Russia.

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