Late Night With Seth Meyers

In the brief time he left Tesla in someone else’s palms the opposite CEO almost killed it. That may be true, but that is already a widely established industry that doesn’t settle for another coin. I’m not offering any worth judgements, just a statement of reality. Or that I injured my back and had to spend 2 grand at Er for a standard 7 day steroid pack to calm irritation as a end result of medical doctors don’t like prescribing them. Says the people who are downstream of the founders/traders of crypto however upstream the final bag holders.

He ought to’ve accomplished a sentence a tweet and threw a point out to threaderapp on the finish… If the platform made it easier to discover these sort of niches, that might be some real worth. Also, the promoted tweets are at all times means, method off my pursuits. They appear to be pigeon droppings on my windshield. I imply delights seth meyers both you share hyperlinks to long-form content material, or source an opinion, or you are contributing nothing to a discussion. Outside of his role as a visionary and promoter, I assume his have an effect on on the day-to-day of his firms might be questionable to adverse.

Well to be fair, good administration ought to be virtually invisible. It shouldn’t be much of a factor in your day to day work. They should be overseeing bigger tendencies, gently nudging issues to stay on target, speaking with others to coordinate, etc. Comments get extra shallow as they get more grand and generic.

I would come with self promotion, but that is such a core part of social media. I think Dang’s moderation is usually pretty first rate, however I actually don’t assume this is a place where free speech is championed. In any thread on the topic, calls for elevated speech regulation seem to be extremely popular.

And to be clear, I don’t thoughts that it shows me plenty of content material from individuals with whom I disagree , but I do thoughts that the content it boosts is the lowest quality argumentation (calling it “argumentation” is too generous). And to be clear, the problem isn’t that it’s promoting this stuff to me , however that it’s promoting it to everybody by default, such that it is a systemic drawback. No, gullible people, misinformation, polarisation has been there before social media. But within the old days, traditional media used to maintain a lid on it by mediating which positions could probably be heard publicly. We have not learned but as a society to ignore the unimportant noise. I do assume that social media is driving the selection of more and more unfit political candidates worldwide, which is a giant drawback.

In the trailer, he’s a bit higher than in the game, however nonetheless pretty horrible. One of the ways that the world is crammed with assholes (and I adore it a lot that I named my blog “Bad Assholes”) is that nearly all of them are the same assholes. They are assholes, it’s just that they are assholes another way and at different times. This is called “differential assholery” and it’s the rationale I like this blog a lot.