Item update: Zebronix’s new CCTV camera with WiFi, infra red features, Zeb-HA2NW10M-PT HMBW

Zibronics has launched a home automation camera for home security.

This 2 megapixel camera has WiFi, pan, cycle and digital zoom. Also includes a processor with artificial intelligence. It also has a special feature called motion detection. Accordingly, if the camera detects any activity, it will immediately raise the alarm and send a message to the user’s mobile. This allows the user to monitor / visit your home instantly.

The camera not only monitors with embedded speakers and a mic, as well as facilitates communication with people in the home. Download the MIPC processor available in the Play Store or App Store. This processor can be easily mounted on the camera. The processor can enable features like changing camera angles, zooming in, setting an alarm setting and recording movements.

Micro SD card support. Videos are recorded in H.264 format that doesn’t take up much memory. Infra-red range has been set up to facilitate movement of up to 10 meters at night for additional monitoring.

The camera can be mounted on a wall or used on a desk.

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