Is trade violating the laws of the country? Amazon is legally facing a federal investigation

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is investigating a mistrust of Amazon and Walmart against Flipkart, alleging that Amazon, the world’s largest online trading company, is trading in violation of Indian market rules.

But Amazon is facing a legal hearing in Amazon court, claiming that such an investigation would cause irreparable harm to the company and damage the organization’s value.

Last month, the Indian Competition Market Commission launched an investigation on Amazon and Flipkart, alleging that the Indian market was violating rules and was not out of bounds given to customers.

Indian retailers have made serious accusations against US companies that they are doing big business, discounting over-the-counter and doing business with the aim of eliminating small businesses, which can severely hurt small businesses and small businesses in the Indian market. However, Amazon has denied the allegations.

Following this, a group of New Delhi-based traders has launched an investigation into CCI, which has accused Amazon and Flipkart Online Trading Giants of causing select competition to some retailers and causing small business losses.

In its benchmark court filing Feb. 5, Amazon said, “The allegations made by CCI are baseless and the investigative report did not provide any evidence that competition was hurting small businesses without messing with their brains.”

A news agency contacted Amazon officials to comment on the case and declined to comment at the trial.

It looks like the Bengaluru court will accept the Amazon petition this weekend. It is expected that the complainant Delhi dealer Mahasang will present his argument.

After directing the CCI probe, the Union Commerce Minister said that Amazon was not doing very well by investing $ 1 billion in India.

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