Insect Races & Concepts

The DARK SUN setting is not a spot on your typical bearded dwarf with a love of beer and gems, cherubic halfling, or charging knights and gnome wizards. Half-giants and thri-kreen are a part of the dominant races, and the scarcity of metal leads crafters to artistic uses of other supplies and a completely completely different economic system. This e-book expands your usual options and can assist you to and your friends create characters uniquely invested in this world.

Usually being black with red, yellow, or blue strips. There have been different colours patterns as nicely and even solid colours. Kreen have pretty quick lives in comparability with other races, roughly round 30 years. However all Kreen have racial reminiscence revelation online name reservation or what they call “Ta-tho”. A certain place or factor can trigger this and permit them to glimpse into the previous recollections in regards to the trigger and gain data of it.

A goal should make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take 24 poison harm on a failed save, or half as a lot damage on a profitable one. A howdah is a frame with seats designed to be mounted on the again of an inix or mekillot. A normal howdah is manufactured from a light picket body whereas a warfare howdah is constructed of much sturdier supplies and providing half cowl in opposition to any attacks from outdoors.

Oh, and since they’re alive additionally they can suffer from diseases or poisons. In truth, there is a flat 1% chance per week that any life-shaped object you own comes down with some sort of an infection, with a 10% chance that the situation is deadly to it! If non-fatal the illness cuts the object’s bonuses in half for 1d10 days (-2 to assault for shaped weapons, and a 2 point AC penalty for armor). A big wasp first attacks with its highly effective chunk , then stabs with its stinger (1-4 points). Failure to make a save against poison signifies that any sufferer hit by the stinger has been injured with a poison similar to that employs by the giant hornet.

Life-shapers are flown in when wanted to repair buildings (especially town’s walls, that are a singular function among the many halflings) after which flown out once more as quickly as their done. Beyond that, Thamasku has a few notable locations. It options the largest Air elemental temple in rhul-thaun society. Despite this it nonetheless has less than 20 priests and its main perform is as a resting place for windriders and their mounts. The air monks see windriding as a method of communing with the factor and subsequently think about all windriders “holy males” of a sort.